NACA Charleston 2023 Recap

NACA Charleston 2023 Recap

We hope you had a fantastic time at the NACA Charleston conference if you attended! But if you couldn’t make it or missed our presence at the event, there’s still a chance to catch up on the remarkable showcases we featured. The lineup included Comedian Derrick Knopsnyder, the Free Money Game Show, Spoken Word Artist Gabriel Ramirez, Spoken Word Duo I.N.K., Comedian Mickey Housley, and  Comedian Ryan Kelly. If you’re interested in booking any of … Continued

6 Great Ways to Customize on Campus

We know that having memorable and engaging programming is important to you and your campus.  That’s why Neon Entertainment provides personal, one of a kind experiences that everyone will enjoy! When you book one of Neon Entertainment’s Custom and Photo Make & Take programs, we bring you a personalized event like no other. Choose from our variety of giveaway items and participants will get to design their own unique item with a custom design like an … Continued

In Case You Missed It Vol. 12

So many artists have been working hard, creating new content for the past few months. In case you missed it, we’ve decided to share with you our top social media moments this week. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all the amazing things our artists are up to. Interested in a virtual event with one of our artists? Contact your Neon Agent for more information. NACA’s first Virtual Conference … Continued

Where to Eat in Denver? | NACA Live 2020

by: I.N.K.’s Lane Shuler The time has come, NACA Live 2020 is nearly here! What would traveling to a new city be without trying out some new restaurant? Sad. That’s what. Here is my list of the must-eat restaurants in Denver Colorado. As always, check with your advisor to ensure you are clear to go, and NEVER miss a showcase to have a meal on your own or anything else off-site! Sam’s No. 3. This … Continued

Denver Themed Playlist for NACA 2020

by: I.N.K.’s Lane Shuler Whenever I travel, I try to not only listen to artists FROM the city I’m in, but also songs ABOUT the city I’m in as well. Here is a list of songs mentioning Denver. Put these on a playlist and blast them as you take off to NACA Live 2020. Denvemolorado – Atmosphere I mentioned in an earlier blog post that this album inspired me to b ea traveling artist many … Continued

Denver Travel Guide 2020 | NACA Live

by: I.N.K.’s Lane Shuler Greetings! When I was a senior in High School my brother got me a copy of Atmosphere’s Seven’s Travel’s CD.  Back then, if you wanted music, you could try to download all of the MP3’s in the right order while simultaneously accidentally nuking your family computer, or you could wait to get the physical copy. That album was one of the things that inspired me to be a traveling artist, the … Continued

Where to Eat? – Fall Conference Guide 2019

by Lane Shuler Hello! Lane Shuler with I.N.K. here! We are the nation’s premier traveling college poetry duo! We’ve performed at NACA and APCA conferences all over the nation, and when we come to a new town, we ALWAYS try to find the best food we can find. Now, at most conferences, you’ll have some meals that are provided by the conference as a group, and other meals which are “meal on your own” meals. … Continued

Ryan Jones | From Student to Performer

by Poet Ryan Jones “So, we’re headed up to Chattanooga for a few days for this national conference for activities boards like ours. If you can spare missing a few days of class, let me know and you’re free to come.” “What the name of the conference again?” “NACA South. Short for the National Association of College Activities.” — It’s incredibly difficult to wrap my head around the idea that I’ll be attending NACA South … Continued

Lane Shuler: Travel Tips for Conference Season

Hello! Lane Shuler of the slam poetry duo I.N.K. here. Conference travel season is upon us.  There’s a good chance that you, or someone you work alongside will be traveling across the country to see some amazing acts at an APCA or NACA conference. But, it’s also possible that you, or students that will be traveling with you, may be traveling for the first time. Here are some tips to make your travel as easy … Continued

Tips for Block Booking at NACA

It’s very important to participate in block booking at NACA Conferences! This is where the deals are made, money is saved and conversations are had. Block booking can really help you, especially if you are working with a tight budget! It’s important to put in forms even if that means only showing “strong interest.” This way it lets the agent know that you are interested, and creates a conversation so that others can save money, as … Continued

3 Post NACA/APCA Conference Tips

Business, engagement, and learning doesn’t end at the conference! The benefits of these conferences can be far-reaching with a little follow up.  Here are three important after-conference tips to make the most out of your NACA/APCA experience: Follow Up with Acts Follow up with the acts you booked or had interest in whether it was in block booking or a discussion in the agency’s booth, it’s important to follow up on any discussions after the conference. Did … Continued

5 Items To Remember To Bring To NACA

Are you headed to a NACA conference this Fall and aren’t sure what exactly to bring with you? Neon Entertainment has you covered! Whether you’re new to the NACA game or a total NACA Pro, feel free to use this list as a reminder while you’re packing. Programming Calendar: This is the most important organizational and informative tool you can pack!! Before heading for the van to travel to NACA, make sure everyone on your … Continued