Denver Themed Playlist for NACA 2020

Denver Themed Playlist for NACA 2020

by: I.N.K.’s Lane Shuler

Whenever I travel, I try to not only listen to artists FROM the city I’m in, but also songs ABOUT the city I’m in as well. Here is a list of songs mentioning Denver. Put these on a playlist and blast them as you take off to NACA Live 2020.

Denvemolorado – Atmosphere

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that this album inspired me to b ea traveling artist many years ago.  I’ll still put it on if I’m heading out on a college poetry with I.N.K. or going to a NACA conference. It inspires me, and it puts me back in the headspace that I first was when I started this journey.\

Denver Haircut – The Hold Steady

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, it only has to be worth it”

Never has a band encapsulated the spirit of a traveler quite like The Hold Steady.  I put it on when I’m traveling to a NACA convention or going to perform with the spoken word poetry duo I.N.K. or when I’m riding in the summer heat with the windows down  If you bring a pair of clippers and give yourself a haircut in the Denver Airport I’ll give you a free t-shirt and love you forever.

Rocky Mountain High – John Denver

I used to mistakenly think that John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High was the best example of nominative determinism on earth. Here’s a guy with the last name Denver getting famous off of songs about the Rocky Mountains. Turns out John Denver isn’t his real name at all. His real name is John Deutchschendorf.  Suppose I’d change my name too if it was pronounced “Douche-En-Dorf.”  Maybe Dumb And Dumber was right about Mr. Denver after all.

Colder Weather – Zac Brown Band

I used to be a fan of Zac Brown. Then I heard his latest song Swayze, and at this point I’m not only no longer a fan of Zac Brown, I may not be a fan of music in general anymore either.  With that said, I hope you don’t get “Stuck in Colorado” while at NACA Live 2020.

Lucky Denver Mint – Jimmy Eat World

If you have time in Denver, you can go check out the Denver Money Museum. Or you can just listen to this song and count money and it’s basically the same thing.

Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead – Warren Zevon

The ultimate travel tip for Denver is “don’t get dead”.  If you DO get dead, Mr. Zevon gives you a list of great things to do in this song.

Well there’s our playlist. What are your favorite traveling songs?


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