5 Items To Remember To Bring To NACA

5 Items To Remember To Bring To NACA

Are you headed to a NACA conference this Fall and aren’t sure what exactly to bring with you? Neon Entertainment has you covered! Whether you’re new to the NACA game or a total NACA Pro, feel free to use this list as a reminder while you’re packing.

Programming Calendar:

This is the most important organizational and informative tool you can pack!! Before heading for the van to travel to NACA, make sure everyone on your programming board or student government organization has a calendar for the semester or year ahead. Its important to ALL be on the same page. This calendar should be for the semester or year that you plan to program for while you are at the NACA conference. The calendar should have general dates to avoid like holidays, university events, sporting events etc. It should also have notes for consistent programming. For example, maybe you need to book a program on the first Friday of every month or a musician once a month. Also, having a calendar right in front of you during Block Booking or in an agency’s booth can help you see what’s available and what works best for your campus to form a block and save money!

Business Cards:

Having individual or student organization business cards is a great way to quickly share your contact information with an associate, another school or artist. Looking for an internship or to create a better networking experience? Step up your professional game with business cards.

Comfortable Shoes and Fitness Tracker:

Days at NACA are long and you don’t want to miss out on anything!! Prepare to pack an extra pair of comfortable shoes that you can change into for the last marketplace or wear while you’re traveling to or from the conference. Having a Fit Bit or Apple Watch is a fun way to track your steps, and at a NACA conference, you will reach step goals you never knew you could achieve!

Pens, Highlighters & Notebooks:

Be prepared to take down notes during showcases, meeting with your team to discuss which acts you loved, quick notes at marketplace etc.

School Spirit Items:

Most conferences have a School Swap, which is when you trade items that represent your school with other school’s t-shirts, pens, drink tumblers… you name it!!

Don’t forget to save some room in your suitcase for all the freebies you’ll be collecting at marketplace! We can’t wait to see you at NACA this semester! Check out who Neon Entertainment has showcasing here.

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