3 Post NACA/APCA Conference Tips

3 Post NACA/APCA Conference Tips

Business, engagement, and learning doesn’t end at the conference! The benefits of these conferences can be far-reaching with a little follow up.  Here are three important after-conference tips to make the most out of your NACA/APCA experience:

Follow Up with Acts

Follow up with the acts you booked or had interest in whether it was in block booking or a discussion in the agency’s booth, it’s important to follow up on any discussions after the conference. Did you show interest in an act and couldn’t seal the deal at the conference? Reach out to the associate to confirm your date. If you put in a form, finish the conversation and feel free to ask for the appropriate paperwork to book the act.

Follow Up with Your Network

Follow up with those whom you networked with. After meeting other student programmers, agents, artists and more, it’s important to follow up and thank them for the conversation. This is a great way to maintain relationships and continue collaboration.

Talk to you Peers/Delegates

Have a conversation with your peers/delegates. What did they like and dislike about the conference? The conference is a great learning opportunity for future careers and experiences. Take the survey and offer advice on how to make the conference better.

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