3 Unforgettable Summer Team-Building Experiences for Your Company

3 Unforgettable Summer Team-Building Experiences for Your Company

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog by Neon Entertainment! Now that we’re pretty squarely in the summertime, coordinating matching events for the season can help to bolster team building. Do you find yourself stuck trying to put together summer team activities for the office? Well look no further! Today we’re going to run through some of the most popular offerings we have. Don’t forget to call your agent early to see about … Continued

Unforgettable Glow Event Experiences: Light Up Your Next Event

Are you ready to transform your next college or corporate event into an unforgettable experience? Look no further than Glow Events, your premier provider of unique and thrilling glow-in-the-dark activities. We specialize in creating vibrant, immersive experiences that will leave your students and guests engaged and thoroughly entertained. Our extensive array of glow-in-the-dark activities includes everything from blacklight mini golf to glow foam dance parties, each designed to captivate and excite. Imagine your students or … Continued

4 Compelling Reasons to Unleash Your Team in a Rage Room for Unforgettable Bonding

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog by Neon Entertainment! Here on the blog we like to make the lives of event organizers and the Party Planning Committee easier. One way we like to do that is by outlining some reasons to take a look at our incredible events! Today, we’re going to talk about our Rage Room for Team Building. Imagine this: It’s a typical Monday morning. You’re sitting in yet another … Continued

3 Reasons to Book Virtual Casino Night for Your Company Team Building Event

You may think we only work with colleges, but did you know you can book any of our virtual events for your company or organization? We started out a few decades ago as purely college entertainment, but have opened up over the years to be able to entertain just about anyone, especially companies. Virtual events for team building can be a great way to get together and have some fun without needing to gather in … Continued

Team Building Programs | Activities Everyone Will Love

Building trust and understanding among group members is a vital part of any organization. A supportive team fosters many positive benefits like an increase in positivity, motivation, communication, and  productivity within your organization. That’s why team building activities have become such an important tool for so many organizations. With plenty of new student orientations and welcome weeks coming up, we thought we would share with you five programs perfect for team-building.   Alphabet T-Shirts Alphabet … Continued