Team Building Programs | Activities Everyone Will Love

Team Building Programs | Activities Everyone Will Love

Building trust and understanding among group members is a vital part of any organization. A supportive team fosters many positive benefits like an increase in positivity, motivation, communication, and  productivity within your organization. That’s why team building activities have become such an important tool for so many organizations.

With plenty of new student orientations and welcome weeks coming up, we thought we would share with you five programs perfect for team-building.


Alphabet T-Shirts

Alphabet T-shirt’s  are a great way to make a group of strangers become fast friends. Alphabet tiles are printed on the front of the t-shirts, basically creating your own version of human Scrabble, . This is a Do-It-Yourself event where you can come up with any game you want, or choose from one of our pre-created games. Participants try to spell out words as fast as they can. It’s the Perfect Ice Breaker and Giveaway for any event!


Game Shows

Game Shows are a great way to encourage team building. All Game Shows are fun and a great way to encourage iteration and even win prizes.  All shows Include a Minimum $200 in Cash & Prizes!

Escape Rooms

Nothing brings people together more than completing a challenge together. Our Escape Rooms are not only difficult, but extremely fun! We can accommodate any size group, so if you are looking for team building fun with your entire freshman class or just your student government officers, we have rooms that will fit your programming needs.



From competitive obstacle courses to team games like Bubble Soccer, we have interactive inflatables meant to bring people together. These are great programs for dorm Olympics or just a fun day in the quad.


Leadership Programs

Our leadership programs are created to encourage team building. We provide participants with the necessary skills to get engaged in clubs and organizations on campus, and promote these programs to other students. Each leadership program is designed to teach participants how to make more meaningful connections whether it is in the workplace or just their everyday lives.


For more information about Team Building Programs and other programming ideas, give your Neon Agent a call at 716-836-6366.



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