Orientation Programs Students Will Want to See

Orientation Programs Students Will Want to See

Now that the school year is over, college campus programmers are gearing up for New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation is always a challenge because you do not know what kind of students will be coming into the college. These programs must be interactive, and informative, while allowing these students to feel comfortable in their new academic home. Orientation Programs are a great way to get your students involved in the beginning of their college career, … Continued

Wait, What?! A $1,600 Uber Ride?

By Steven Gothan It doesn’t matter if you prefer Lyft or Uber, times have never been easier to arrange for a ride. The access to Uber and Lyft allow for smarter and safer drinking for college students. Now imagine you are out drinking in West Virginia and the next day you wake up in your driveway in New Jersey. Baffled and very confused, this is the story of Kenny Bachman. Bachman had too much to … Continued

Six Safety Tips for Spring Break

By Neon Entertainment   Traveling for Spring Break? Here are some tips to having a fun and safe Spring Break. Let’s face it, we all know someone , who has woken up the next morning with their wallet empty, phone not charged (because it was forgot to be plugged in), un-aware of how they got back last night, and a throbbing headache. No worries, you have six more days of waking up just like this! … Continued

Alcohol Awareness Program | 5 Reasons to Book ‘Maximize Your Buzz’

  By Kelsey Pyse Drinking alcohol and college life are something that unfortunately seem to fall hand in hand. Neon Entertainment offers alcohol awareness programs for colleges and universities around the country to help educate incoming and current students on the dangers of alcohol. Here are 5 reasons to think about booking Maximize Your Buzz for your school. It happens. Alcohol awareness is something that every single person on campus should know about, not just the … Continued