Orientation Programs Students Will Want to See

Orientation Programs Students Will Want to See

Now that the school year is over, college campus programmers are gearing up for New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation is always a challenge because you do not know what kind of students will be coming into the college. These programs must be interactive, and informative, while allowing these students to feel comfortable in their new academic home. Orientation Programs are a great way to get your students involved in the beginning of their college career, so they will regularly attend college campus events! It is always tough to get students to come to campus events, especially when they are about tough topics. Neon Entertainment has the solution to this problem. We are able to bring 4 interactive and engaging college camps events to your campus, just in time for New Student Orientation. Each of these events covers an important topic, in a fun and creative way.

Zero Shades of Grey

In the recent years, Title IX presentations have become mandatory on all college campuses. It normally is a long lecture about sexual assault and the campus’ policies on it. Students are sneaking out the back door when their supervisor isn’t looking.  Not anymore with Zero Shades of Grey. This program is fun, fast, and interactive. The Campus SAVE Act of 2013 mandates that higher education institutions must educate students on the prevention of rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This kind of programming especially needs to be empowering and enjoyable or the information won’t stick.  Zero Shades Of Gray sets the tone that sexual assault is black and white. There are no disclaimers, no clauses, and no fine print when it comes to how people feel about being sexually assaulted or raped. It’s serious to the victim. This seminar helps students understand that this isn’t a victim problem, it’s a problem on all levels.

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Maximize Your Buzz

Mandatory alcohol awareness programs are never popular among college students. Maximize Your Buzz is not that college program. Let’s face it: traditional alcohol education doesn’t work. That’s why this seminar is not performed by recovering alcoholics. This seminar is the first step to changing behaviors by shifting perceptions: “Alcohol Is Not About Drinking; It’s About Who You Are.” This is a seminar about personal values. “Don’t Drink” is not a part of our strategy. We encourage the students to understand who they are and what’s most important to them. Reduce the negative impact of binge drinking on your campus with this positive approach to find your deeper burning yes and Maximize Your Buzz!

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How to Magically Connect with Anyone

Making meaningful connections with new people is one of the biggest fears of college students. Brian Miller has a program that will help students have the tools they need in order to make connections that will last throughout their college career.Brian Miller believes that great magic is about connecting. In an increasingly distracted and divisive world, magic has the unique ability to create a shared experience where everybody leaves inspired by endless possibilities. While Brian’s act showcases jaw dropping sleight-of-hand and laugh-out-loud (clean) comedy, it also reveals cautionary truths about how our minds can be so easily fooled and manipulated.

Learn More about Brian Miller and his other programs here!

The Reason You’re Here

“College is too important to be wasted on being wasted”. Michael Dean Ester presents a fun college orientation program that will be sure to draw a crowd. He uses stand up comedy and a lecture style show to full engage students into his message. His goal is to help young adults arrive at the true meaning of success and demonstrate how a college education can help them define success in their individual lives. Using his own life as an example, Michael encourages students to discover their own particular skills and interests as the basis for a fulfilling career.  By placing the college experience in its proper context as a pathway to a rewarding career, Michael challenges his audience to engage their imaginations as well as their brains. College is more than a time for learning. College is a time for defining and living up to the only set of expectations that truly matter: your own. When you discover your passion, you unleash a whole new motivation for pursuing an education.

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Neon Entertainment has four wonderful programs that will be packed during next fall’s New Student Orientation. These fun college campus events are informational and interactive! Neon Entertainment has great New Student Orientation programs that will get your school year off to a great start! Call Neon today to book any of these events! We look forward to being on your campus.


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