Six Safety Tips for Spring Break

Six Safety Tips for Spring Break

By Neon Entertainment


Traveling for Spring Break? Here are some tips to having a fun and safe Spring Break. Let’s face it, we all know someone , who has woken up the next morning with their wallet empty, phone not charged (because it was forgot to be plugged in), un-aware of how they got back last night, and a throbbing headache. No worries, you have six more days of waking up just like this! That’s why this Spring Break 2018 you should make the choice between being broke, hurting, and wanting your phone or monitoring your alcohol consumption, to where you can balance the right amount of alcohol to the memories being made.

For many college students, they flock to warm sandy areas such as, Cancun, Miami, and the Bahama’s. Students traveling with friends for spring break, dramatically increase their alcohol consumption.

Nothing ends a night quicker than too much drinking that’s why moderation is key. You do not want to be that friend, that ruins the groups night because they have to take care of you. Maybe it was not such a good idea to shotgun beers and pound a bottle of Fireball. This is why it is important to drink responsibly in a pace you can handle and not drink to impress. That means drink socially, enough to where you still can have a good time but also being aware of the effects the alcohol is having on your body. Neon Entertainment offers several Alcohol Awareness programs with just that in mind.

With the 3D College Experience students learn how to become leaders and not to fall trap to groupthink which can lead to very poor decisions. Don’t be dumb, as Adam Ace would say, host of The 3D College Experience, on How to Avoid Ending up Dumb, Drunk and in Debt. Adam’s comedic spin on serious topics is perfect for a campus event before Spring Break. Adam known for his comedic routine, performs alcohol and safety awareness seminars for campuses around the U.S..

At Neon-Entertainment we offer Maximize your Buzz where an open discussion is created with students to raise awareness on the effects of Alcohol. Knowing the traditional way of teaching students about alcohol has had little to no effect. Maximize your Buzz, cover binge drinking, play games, help students make the right choice, and cover campus alcohol policy, all within an hour, providing comical and beneficial information at the same time. This non-traditional seminar is the perfect idea for a mandatory alcohol lecture for new student orientations or before students leave for Spring Break.

Hypnotic Intoxication features hypnotism and knowledge of the consequences of alcohol. The intriguing lecture gets students drunk off water! At least being hypnotized into believing this, Keith Karkut provides entertainment of hypnotism while educating students about the dangers of alcohol. His college performances provide an entertaining alcohol awareness idea for any college campus. Send students off to Spring Break safely, with Hypnotic Intoxication.

Zero Shades of Grey is the perfect blend of knowledge and empowerment for college students. The program clarifies consent, sexual assault, knowledge of the law, and clarify personal boundaries which are all things students need to know for Spring Break and college in general. Zero Shades doesn’t focus on the victim like many other programs. It tackles the issue straight on by addressing the prevention of sexual assault in the first place.

Three Tips & Tricks to Keeping You and Your Items Safe this Spring Break

What is one thing that many Americans and especially college age students cannot live without? Their cell phone, and while drinking the chances of your phone being lost, stolen, or damaged are much higher compared to day to day life. Get a sufficient case for your phone! While bulky indestructible phone cases can be an inconvenience for daily life, equipping one to your phone when you are going out drinking, can save your phone. Having two cases allows for a phone case for daily usage and a thicker and more heavy duty case for those late night activities. A protected phone, allows for one less worry. Better yet if you get a waterproof case, it protects you from those clumsy, let me spill my drink all over you type people.

Whether it be car keys, hotel keys, or house keys, you normally have some type of key on you while you are out and about. One thing you always do while at the bar, taking your hands in and out of your pockets. While under the influence of alcohol, the possibility for things to accidentally fall from your pockets increase immensely. I suggest get a carabiner, this allows for all your keys to be attached to you at the hip or in front of you so you can notice where they are at all times.

Make sure your phone is charged and use the buddy system. Having a familiar face in an unknown area is crucial to staying safe. Along with the buddy system, try and remember to conserve and have your phone as much charged before going out. It’s already difficult enough learning a new area but to do it without google maps or being able to use an Uber if you get lost can be a big mistake. It also gives you the protection of if something goes wrong you can call some type of authorities for safety.

An easy tip to staying safe during spring break is to be aware of your surroundings. While at the bar, pay attention to your drink, see who your friends are with, and where everyone is. If you went on vacation for spring break chances are you are in a new area that you do not know to well. With the massive crowds of college students flying to warmer weather, it is easy to lose sight of a friend. That’s why it’s important to do your best to keep a reminder on where everyone is. This makes you safe and keeps your friends safe.

With your phone, and other personal belongings, you should do the “check my pockets boogie” before leaving a bar or destination to head to another. Run through that checklist inside your head, do I have my phone, wallet, jacket, keys, and whatever else you may have brought. Along with this, traveling light can be a benefit. If you know you are being picked up and dropped off, you can typically get away with less jackets, hoodies, or other articles of clothing to keep you warm, that you would have to keep track of inside otherwise. Doing the “check my pockets boogie” will not save you all the time but it is a good start.

A free and important tip to keep in mind, is to think of the future. Plan ahead and think ahead. It is really easy to get caught up in the moment and make a irrational decision. That is why it is important to look to future when doing things. How would doing this effect you in the long run? Should I drive or should I take an Uber? Thinking of how a single moment can affect your future, allows you to make the right choice in the moment. By making a irrational choice you can put yourself in a potentially harmful position.



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