Make Your Next Company Picnic Unforgettable with These Unique Event Ideas!

Make Your Next Company Picnic Unforgettable with These Unique Event Ideas!

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Welcome back to the Neon blog! We use this blog to help provide inspiration and ideas for unique events for your company. If you didn’t know, we help provide and lead engaging events for organizations nationwide, from colleges and schools to companies and corporate events. We recommend reaching out to speak with an agent to get pricing and other answers for your event, but hopefully, we can help you better understand some of the things we offer today here on this post! Summer is approaching, and summers mean company picnics! The company picnic can help raise morale, bring teams together, and provide lifelong memories for employees, leadership, and their families.

So let’s give them something to remember! Here are 6 ideas for your next company picnic that will be sure to entertain, engage, and provide an unforgettable experience!

Families Can Create Together with Paint Social!

One of our more popular programs amongst all ages is our paint social program. Led by Lindsey, who has experience leading customized paint programs all over the US, your employees and their families can create their own painting of just about anything you want! Consider a painting that speaks to your organization, your hometown, or something linked to the theme of your company picnic or corporate event. All supplies are provided; even the most inexperienced painters will find themselves engaged and proud of their take-home creations!

Bonus- We also offer tie-dye T-shirts! A timeless family activity that can pair well.

Create Your Own Company Laser Tag Arena

If you’ve ever taken the kids to a laser tag arena, you know how much fun they can be for the whole family. You may not know that you can bring the laser tag arena to you! With help from our experienced team, you can create your custom laser tag map at your company picnic, and enjoy the fun without needing to worry about facilitating anything. Leave all the setup and organization to us! This program is perfect for both indoor and outdoor company events.

We offer a few different options for laser tag, including the very popular Zombie Laser Tag, where you can provide your own zombies, or we can bring zombie actors to your event. This may be a bit better suited for a Halloween Company Event, but hey, we know how much families love The Walking Dead! You can also incorporate an inflatable UFO to play laser tag! We also offer a DIY option, if you feel you can handle set up and organizing your laser tag event.


Get Competitive with Bubble Soccer

Inflatable Bubble soccer can be a hilariously fun way to help bring together your employees. If you’ve never played, or witnessed bubble soccer, essentially everyone playing is wrapped in a giant protective plastic bubble, which allows you to get physical with that coworker you’ve been beefin’ with, in a safe and fun way. You may have more fun playing defense than offense, but either way, everyone is sure to have a good time. Be sure to contact our agent to check on your location’s availability.

We also have a bunch of other inflatable fun options for your company picnic!

Win Prizes with Pop-Up Game Show

We have a huge assortment of available game shows, including many of the games you’ve seen on TV. Pop-up game show is perfect for company picnics because it can be set up anywhere, and doesn’t need to necessarily be the focal point. Our talented game show hosts can lead fun and competitive trivia games so your employees and their families can compete against each other or together, and everyone wins. Our goal is to engage as many people as possible over 2 or 3 hours of game show fun. The pop-up style allows for kids and adults to play at their own will, as many times as they want. 

Each round features new challenges, and all we need is a 10×10 area to get set up. We bring all the sound and prizes, you just let us know where to go! If you want more of a stage-style gathering for a game show, we can do that too! Check out all our game show options!

Amaze Adults & Kids with Stage Hypnosis & Magic

We are proud to have an amazing roster of stage hypnotists and mentalists who are sure to bring your company picnic unforgettable memories! If you’ve never witnessed the magic of hypnotism, you are certainly in for an eye-opening experience.

Perfect for family-friendly fun, stage hypnotists can bring the boss or other employees on stage and engage their minds in hypnosis, which can wow even the biggest skeptic. All of our hypnotist entertainers engage the audience and feature safe, enjoyable experiences that are truly unbelievable.

We also have more traditional magicians that can perform for your company picnic. See more here!

Bring a Caricature Artist to Your Company Picnic!

We are proud of the amount of engaging experiences we can provide for your company picnic, but one experience that truly stands the test of time is a caricature artist. We feature a few different options for caricatures that will definitely entertain your employees and their families. Who doesn’t like looking back in a couple of years at that funny family caricature?

We have traditional and digital caricature artists who can draw your company picnic event-goers live. We have the famous “Original Butt Sketch” which is perfect for drawing mom and dad in a unique and funny way. We also have Big Head & Beats, who will create live caricatures, while also incorporating live drum beats to the tune of your favorite songs. If you’re interested in any, don’t hesitate to reach out to get in touch with your regional agent!

As you can see, these are only a few options, but we have so much to choose from! We don’t want you to get lost, but feel free to look throughout our site and when you’re ready, just drop us a line in our contact form to get in touch with a regional agent ASAP. We will reach out to you with more details, and answer any questions you may have. We can have a quote to you and book your event in no time!

Looking forward to entertaining your next company picnic! Remember to Follow Us on Facebook & Instagram for more Unique Event Ideas!

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