The Survival of the EccentroSoul 1 Woman Band During Covid-19

The Survival of the EccentroSoul 1 Woman Band During Covid-19

by Chaquis Maliq COVID-19 has impacted everyone differently and has definitely been a drag for me. Some may have not been affected at all. While some effects are horrifically worse than others; I wanted to thank the colleges and universities that have booked me through Neon Entertainment, despite all the challenges of this pandemic, world-changing events, and tragedies that have yanked us out of our element. I was so ready to go on my college … Continued

Stay Engaged with Virtual DIY Events

At this point, most people are feeling exhausted from hearing about COVID-19 and the state in which it has put the world in today. Finding ways to cope with quarantine is very important as well as engaging with your peers during this pandemic. Using virtual events and virtual Programs is one of the most successful ways to stay engaged with your colleagues and peers. OPTIONS FOR VIRTUAL PROGRAMS For College students who lived on campus, … Continued

Virtual Variety Events for Any Demographic

The word virtual has been thrown around like wildfire since COVID-19 has taken a hold on the world. With no end coming in the near future. We believe virtual events and virtual programs are here to stay for a long time. We have always been on top of our game when it comes to engaging with college students all over the country. Now we are at the forefront of providing virtual events and programs to … Continued

Popular Virtual College Events From Neon Entertainment

For many students, the social atmosphere is their favorite part of the college experience.  Unfortunately that avenue has been mostly closed off for now as we all hunker down in isolation.  While this feels like an unprecedented time for all of us, it doesn’t have to change everything. What if we told you that we could reopen your campus social channels with some of our fun virtual college events.  We offer several college programs that … Continued