Stay Engaged with Virtual DIY Events

Stay Engaged with Virtual DIY Events

At this point, most people are feeling exhausted from hearing about COVID-19 and the state in which it has put the world in today. Finding ways to cope with quarantine is very important as well as engaging with your peers during this pandemic. Using virtual events and virtual Programs is one of the most successful ways to stay engaged with your colleagues and peers.


For College students who lived on campus, there were countless events happening every day all over campus. Allowing students to engage with one another as well to just stimulate their minds. Neon Entertainment has been putting a lot of focus into there virtual events and virtual programs to bring the same experience students will get on campus to a digital platform. With plenty of virtual programs like magic shows and games show. We added Virtual DIY Events to our list of virtual events. 


Were you a fan of the Karate Kid growing up? If so, you are not alone. Being one of the biggest movies to come out of the 80s it captured the hearts of children and adults everywhere. One of the things that stick out most from those movies is Mr. Miyagi and his Bonsai Trees. With Neon Entertainment’s Drop Ship DIY Bonsai Program You can plant and Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree.  Plant your own Bonsai Tree’s comes with everything you need including pots, bonsai trees, soil, shears the works.


You have heard of build a bear. But what about Create a Creature? Neon Entertainment has been diving more and more into Virtual DIY concepts. With items having the option to be shipped to the event or straight to the virtual participants themselves. This makes for one of the most engaging Virtual DIY programs we offer. Along with one of the most creative. Choose from over 100 creatures to create. This is a great option for homecomings, orientations, or even Valentine’s Day. Also, including a fiberfill stuffing and having printed t-shirts will the selected imprint of your choice.


In the 1990s sand art was one of the most popular activities for people to engage in. It has been making its way back into the mainstream of modern activities. This could be a great option to add on to any event you might be planning. It can even be a great solo option as a virtual event all by itself. Coming with everything you need to create a work of art either for your home or dorm room. You have the choice of multiple colors of sand, containers. It also comes with the proper tools to make like scoopers and funnels to make creating a sand art and user friendly as possible. 


Neon Entertainment has been working tirelessly on keeping students and people engaged through this worldwide pandemic. Virtual programs and customized virtual events have been the solution that has had the most impact. Creating a site specifically dedicated to our Virtual Programs. 

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