Popular Virtual College Events From Neon Entertainment

Popular Virtual College Events From Neon Entertainment

For many students, the social atmosphere is their favorite part of the college experience.  Unfortunately that avenue has been mostly closed off for now as we all hunker down in isolation.  While this feels like an unprecedented time for all of us, it doesn’t have to change everything. What if we told you that we could reopen your campus social channels with some of our fun virtual college events.  We offer several college programs that allow students to have a blast sharing an experience with their friends all from the safety of their own homes. Here a few of our most popular virtual college events that are perfect for the times we’re living in.

Virtual Escape Room

Give students an escape from monotony with this exciting virtual escape room event.  Even though you won’t be in the same room as the rest of your teammates the virtual experience will be just as much fun as the real thing.  All students need to do is signup with their classmates and join a live video stream. This will allow them to communicate and solve the puzzles together in real time as if they were all together having fun. 

Virtual Open Mic Night

If you’d rather give students something to enjoy without having to think too much, try our Virtual Open Mic Night.  Students will get to watch and interact with a live stream from their favorite college musicians.  The best part of this program is that our performers will welcome the audience to showcase their own skills on stream as well!  Everyone is sure to have a great time enjoying this mix of a live college concert and student karaoke night.

Virtual Murder Mystery

If you want to provide a way for students to take their mind off their isolation, this virtual murder mystery program will definitely do the trick.  Similar to the virtual escape room event, students will team up and join a video stream but this time the goal is solve an open murder case.  Teams will get to socialize with each other as well as the suspects to try and figure out who done it. One thing’s for sure, any students who participate will have a killer time! 

Virtual Event Game Shows

There’s no better way to keep your spirits up than with the good ol’ fashion fun of an event game show.  If you’re familiar with our college game show programs you’ll be happy to learn that all of your favorite games are now available in a virtual format!  Your students can still experience the excitement of Playlist Bingo, Cell Phone Smackdown and our Free Money Game Show despite being in isolation.  And as always, the best part is, students have a chance to win real cash!

Virtual Leadership Speakers

Brian Miller

Networking becomes a crucial element of college life once students get closer to graduation.  Unfortunately, that is one of the easiest things for students to lose track of during isolation.   Brian’s program Virtual Leadership: Building Meaningful Connections in a Work-from-Home World can help students develop the skills they need to stay connected virtually during this time.  Brian is ready to share his experiences with your students while simultaneously entertaining them with some clever magic tricks.

Mike Fritz

For some students, college can be a struggle under normal circumstances.  But without an easy way to collaborate with their classmates it can become even more difficult. College leadership speaker Mike Fritz has some important information to share with students about how to keep in touch effectively in our virtual world.  In his program, Build a Better Virtual Team, Mike will teach students the fundamentals of working together in a remote environment.  The best part is, these skills will stick with students for the rest of their lives and will be applicable even after things return to normal.

You can book any of these fun virtual college programs right here through Neon Entertainment.  Give your students something that they can enjoy and use to reconnect with all of their friends in a safe way.  For help booking any of these programs, just fill out a contact form on the event page and we’ll get back to you promptly.


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