Book a Virtual Escape Room for Team Building Today!

Book a Virtual Escape Room for Team Building Today!

Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon! Remember right before the world went on pause, and we were all glued to our screens watching Tiger King on Netflix? Have you ever wanted to visit a park like that, but without the problems surrounding it? Maybe solve a puzzle based on who embezzled cash from a themed animal park? This virtual escape room game, Tigerland, is a satire loosely based on real life. … Continued

In Case You Missed It Vol. 30 | A Year In Review

For the last 28 years, Neon Entertainment has been providing Live Entertainment and Events across the country. Like many others, the pandemic created a lot of uncertainties for our small business.  After cancelling and postponing all future events, our dedicated team got to work creating virtual programs so we could continue to provide some light in a very dark time, starting with Virtual Game Shows and Escape Rooms. On March 11, 2020 Neon Entertainment had … Continued

Get Lucky With These Amazing March Remote Team Building Activities!

We hope everyone is having a great March so far, as we creep closer to Spring! The year 2021 has gotten off to quite a bit better start than 2020, and though we aren’t completely back to “normal” yet, it certainly is starting to feel like it. We offer some pretty amazing remote team building activities for organizations and companies in addition to helping to provide college events. If you are looking for a remote … Continued