In Case You Missed It Vol. 30 | A Year In Review

In Case You Missed It Vol. 30 | A Year In Review

For the last 28 years, Neon Entertainment has been providing Live Entertainment and Events across the country. Like many others, the pandemic created a lot of uncertainties for our small business.  After cancelling and postponing all future events, our dedicated team got to work creating virtual programs so we could continue to provide some light in a very dark time, starting with Virtual Game Shows and Escape Rooms. On March 11, 2020 Neon Entertainment had it’s very first virtual event. We started VirtualCollegeEvents.com that month. By May 2020, our agents had booked over 200 programs.  And, in June 2020, Neon Entertainment Launched a new site for VirtualCollegeEvents.com; a site completely dedicated to virtual programming, featuring Virtual Game Shows, Escape Rooms, Speakers, Live Entertainment, and Novelty Programs. By January 2021, we went from booking a couple hundred programs since the start of the pandemic, to booking a couple hundred programs in a month.

Today, Game Shows reached new milestone with $255,400 awarded in prizes since in the last year and serving over 45,000 players. Paint Social had booked over 88 campuses since March 2020, and Escape Rooms had 475 events in the last year.  In just one short year Neon Entertainment has delightedly provided over 2700 virtual programs.

This year has not been without it’s challenges, however Neon Entertainment is proud to say that we are now one of the leading agencies in Virtual and In-Person Programming.  We owe everyone a big THANK YOU our healthcare workers, essential workers, bankers, teachers, restaurant staff, business owners, delivery staff and so many others for helping us get through this unparalleled year. And, to the 550 institutions across all 50 states (and internationally) who have worked with us. We could not do it without your continued support.


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