Book a Virtual Escape Room for Team Building Today!

Book a Virtual Escape Room for Team Building Today!

Welcome back to the Hot Mic Blog here at Neon! Remember right before the world went on pause, and we were all glued to our screens watching Tiger King on Netflix? Have you ever wanted to visit a park like that, but without the problems surrounding it? Maybe solve a puzzle based on who embezzled cash from a themed animal park? This virtual escape room game, Tigerland, is a satire loosely based on real life. Our virtual escape room has space for up to 500 contestants!

How is this virtual escape room game played?

Unusual and eccentric zoo owner and operator Bobby Majestic, of Bobby Majestic’s Amazing Tigerland has had a theft recently! Documentary filmmaker Steve Brinkman has the video evidence of who the thief is amongst this colorful cast of characters. However, his files are encrypted so we can’t just look through his desktop. Players work together in order to decipher the encryption on all the clips, unlocking the mystery of who the culprit is!

virtual escape room bobby majestic's tigerland, satiriziation based on netflix hit Tiger King

Tigerland is an escape-style game designed to be played remotely amongst teams over video conferencing software such as Zoom. Players connect and join together to solve puzzles, listen to video clips, and figure out the thief. The game is playable with up to 500 participants over the course of the event! Live gamemasters check in on the rooms during play to encourage groups and drop hints to players who may be stuck.

Tigerland is unlike other virtual escape rooms you may see a competitor deploy since it’s been built ground-up as a virtual game. That’s right, no hasty conversions or oddly filmed live escape rooms here. This experience was designed first and foremost to be played online!

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