10 Great Valentine’s Day Programs

5 Programs That Can Easily Switch Between Live and Virtual Events

Neon Entertainment understands how difficult it may be to plan your semester ahead after a global pandemic. Your usual way of programming looks a lot differently now and we are here to help. As your campus is planning the safest way to begin its Fall semester, we’d like to offer program options that have both a virtual and live option to fit whatever circumstance you are in. Here are five examples of programs that can … Continued

Fun Virtual Programs For High School Events

If you’ve followed us here at Neon Entertainment at all in the past you already know that we’re a premiere provider of all sorts of fun campus events.  Due to the current state of affairs surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had to alter our services.  But that hasn’t stopped us from providing the most entertaining events around!  Over the last couple of months we’ve worked hard with many of our top performers and entertainers to … Continued