Fun Virtual Programs For High School Events

Fun Virtual Programs For High School Events

If you’ve followed us here at Neon Entertainment at all in the past you already know that we’re a premiere provider of all sorts of fun campus events.  Due to the current state of affairs surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had to alter our services.  But that hasn’t stopped us from providing the most entertaining events around!  Over the last couple of months we’ve worked hard with many of our top performers and entertainers to transpose their live programs into a virtual format.  

The intent behind building this new format was to continue to provide the same great entertainment options to college campuses during quarantine.  However, we realized that providing virtual events opens up a lot of new and exciting possibilities.  In particular, these changes have given us an avenue to offer some of our great campus event programs to high schools as well!  If you’d like to provide a way for your students to have a little fun and take their minds off of isolation, Neon Entertainment has got you covered.  Here are a few ideas for some awesome virtual high school events.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Kids of all ages love the puzzle inspired challenges of escape rooms.  Believe it or not, but our virtual escape rooms are becoming a highly sought after virtual event and will work great with high school students.  Once students register all they have to do is join our live video stream and follow the instructions to solve the puzzles and win the game.  This is a great opportunity for students to reconnect with all their friends as they work together to solve our challenges.  And the best part is, we have several awesome themes to choose from including the brand new “Tigerland” which parodies the popular Netflix series: Tiger King.

Virtual Game Shows

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who won’t enjoy our virtual game show events.  After all they’re fun to play and anyone who participates has a chance to win real money!  Our most popular events like Playlist Bingo, Free Money Game Show, and Cell Phone Smackdown will make for some exciting virtual high school events.  They’ll pit friend against friend as they compete in these exciting and hilarious game shows hosted by comedian Adam Ace.  Whether they’re answering pop culture trivia questions or marking off their bingo card as they listen to their favorite music artists, this virtual event is sure to be one they’ll remember for a long time.

Virtual Speakers

Scheduling fun events for high school students is great but virtual high school events can also be used to teach important life skills as well.  Our virtual speakers, like Brian Miller and Mike Fritz, have a lot of information to offer that will be especially valuable for juniors and seniors who are starting to prepare for college life.  Whether it’s learning important leadership skills, how to network, or how to get engaged with campus life, listening to our virtual speakers will give your students a head start.

We’re all facing unprecedented times right now and all we can do is make the best out of a difficult situation.  If you want to give your high school students a short release from the trials of isolation, consider booking a virtual event from your friends at Neon Entertainment.  For more information on booking virtual events for high school, just fill out a contact form and our booking agents can give you all the details you’ll need!


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