Virtual Variety Events for Any Demographic

Virtual Variety Events for Any Demographic

The word virtual has been thrown around like wildfire since COVID-19 has taken a hold on the world. With no end coming in the near future. We believe virtual events and virtual programs are here to stay for a long time. We have always been on top of our game when it comes to engaging with college students all over the country. Now we are at the forefront of providing virtual events and programs to … Continued

5 Programs That Can Easily Switch Between Live and Virtual Events

Neon Entertainment understands how difficult it may be to plan your semester ahead after a global pandemic. Your usual way of programming looks a lot differently now and we are here to help. As your campus is planning the safest way to begin its Fall semester, we’d like to offer program options that have both a virtual and live option to fit whatever circumstance you are in. Here are five examples of programs that can … Continued

Fun Craft Programs For Isolation | Virtual College Events

At Neon Entertainment, we’ve always strived to bring you the best college events and performers.  Though our current circumstances are far from ideal, we wanted to let you know that this hasn’t changed.  We’ve worked tirelessly these last few weeks with our college performers to transpose many of your favorite college events to a virtual format.  Last week we talked about some of our most popular performers and speakers who have pivoted to offering virtual … Continued