Fun Craft Programs For Isolation | Virtual College Events

Fun Craft Programs For Isolation | Virtual College Events

At Neon Entertainment, we’ve always strived to bring you the best college events and performers.  Though our current circumstances are far from ideal, we wanted to let you know that this hasn’t changed.  We’ve worked tirelessly these last few weeks with our college performers to transpose many of your favorite college events to a virtual format.  Last week we talked about some of our most popular performers and speakers who have pivoted to offering virtual programming.  This week we wanted to touch on some of our fun craft style events that students can still enjoy despite these uncertain times.  If you’re looking to provide an outlet for college students to have some fun and take a step back from the boredom of isolation, these crafty programs might be just what the doctor ordered.

Virtual Paint Social

This virtual college event is the perfect combination of creativity and entertainment.  Students will get to have fun attending a virtual paint class with all their classmates.  We’ll distribute all the necessary paint supplies to each student wherever they are!  All they’ll need to do is hop into our live video stream and they’ll be able to follow along with our host, create their own unique artwork and chat with their friends at the same time.  Our host will guide students through the whole experience while offering tips and encouragement as they express themselves with paint.

Big Heads and Beats

What do you get when you mix crafts with a virtual music party?  As it turns out, you get this one-of-a-kind event from Neon Entertainment.  During our Big Heads and Beats program our virtual DJ will keep everyone jamming to awesome tunes while our professional caricature artist goes to work.  While students are relaxing, enjoying the music, and chatting with their friends, they can also get a hilarious caricature drawing done on stream for everyone to see.  This lighthearted virtual college event can be a great way to help students take a break and reset their brain with some good music, a little laughter and a lot of fun!

Custom Photo Make and Takes

College students love free stuff and free stuff is way cooler when it’s personalized.  That’s the idea behind this awesome artsy campus program.  Even though students can’t mingle and customize their swag in person like usual, the virtual version of this popular college event can still be a blast.  All your participants will need to do is provide us with a photo, logo or phrase and we’ll customize an everyday item and make it something personal and unique.  Check out all the items that we can personalize for you on our Custom Photo Make and Takes program page.

Drop Ship Craft Programs

It’s true, most of our college drop ship programs are designed to be a fun social activity for students to enjoy with friends.  However, putting together these fun craft projects can double as a therapeutic activity for students to work on while in isolation.  Check out the many awesome artistic programs that we offer as drop ship events.  If you’re interested in booking any of these craft programs, all you need to do is fill out a contact form. We’ll send you some information and options on how we can help you get these events set up for students in isolation.

We want to help make this time a little easier on college students by offering a bunch of fun virtual campus events.  Get in touch with our booking agents by filling out a contact form for the event you’re interested in.  Our amazing staff will help you set up your next virtual college event.


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