5 Awesome Homecoming Event Ideas From Neon Entertainment

Homecoming can be an important event for students if they really get involved.  Between meeting new people, getting to know the faculty, and networking with Alumni members, students can set themselves up well for the future.  Of course, for all of this to happen there needs to be some entertainment and events scheduled for homecoming weekend.   That’s where Neon Entertainment comes in.  We’re a college booking agency with literally hundreds of different events, performers and … Continued

Dance It Out | The Ultimate Party Playlist for Homecoming

School year’s got you down? Dance It Out with Neon’s Ultimate Party Playlist. Our musicians came together to make an epic playlist for your next homecoming bash. Each artist gave their favorite song that makes them want to jump up, sing, dance, and party the night away! You can find the full playlist at the bottom of this page. Follow the playlist on Spotify, and follow Neon Entertainment on Spotify to learn who our artists and … Continued