5 Awesome Homecoming Event Ideas From Neon Entertainment

5 Awesome Homecoming Event Ideas From Neon Entertainment

Homecoming can be an important event for students if they really get involved.  Between meeting new people, getting to know the faculty, and networking with Alumni members, students can set themselves up well for the future.  Of course, for all of this to happen there needs to be some entertainment and events scheduled for homecoming weekend.  

That’s where Neon Entertainment comes in.  We’re a college booking agency with literally hundreds of different events, performers and activities ready to make a big splash on campus.  We know it’s hard to decide what type of entertainment you should book, so we thought we should make a few suggestions. Here is our list of 5 awesome campus events to book for your homecoming festivities.

Extreme Entertainment Inflatables

Novelty inflatables excel at making you feel like a kid again.  It’s a great opportunity for students to meet new people and de-stress after making the big adjustment to college life.  Inflatables are also useful for getting students out of their dorm for a little exercise that is cleverly disguised as fun.  If you have trouble deciding on which novelty inflatable to get for your homecoming event, you can book several at the same time with our packaged deals!

Portable Roller Rink

Homecoming is the perfect opportunity for you to get our most popular college entertainment attraction; the portable roller rink.  This fun campus event is always a big hit as students have the opportunity to have some retro fun.  All you need is the space and the rest is provided; rink, skates and music equipment included. You have the option of booking our glow roller rink as well if you want to bring that disco feel to campus.

Silent Disco

Speaking of disco…..our silent disco event is a truly unique experience.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of college students are looking to party.  So why not give the people what they want at this year’s homecoming attraction. With our silent disco package students will receive their own pair of headphones that can tune into one of three stations.  Students will get to dance, mingle, and make new friends in a safe, university sanctioned party environment.

Digital Caricatures

Who doesn’t love a good caricature?  This event brings this fun art style into the 21st century as the artists use tablets instead of paper.  This is a huge plus for campus events like homecoming weekend where students won’t want to carry around their portrait all day.  Additionally, the digital format allows the custom art to be printed, emailed or uploaded directly to the social media platform of your choice.

Electric Life Tour

For our last homecoming event recommendation we thought we’d throw in a concert style party event.  The Electric Life Tour is a high energy event that will get students pumped up about the college experience.  With the loud music and all the theatrics it’d be hard not to. Each party is customizable and can include LED video walls, confetti, fire performers and even LED robots!  The best part is, this show can be made to fit your budget and available space with three different sized stage options available.

Whatever kind of events you have in mind for homecoming weekend, Neon is sure to have something that fits the bill.  Time is running out to get these fun campus events booked in time for homecoming! Give us a call to speak with your local booking agents today.


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