The Best December Holiday

The Best December Holiday

By Comedian, Ben Rosenfeld Growing up, December was always my month of being a total misfit. When kids would ask, “what’d you get for Christmas?” I’d answer, “nothing.” They’d say, “Oh right sorry, I forgot. I meant, what’d you get for Hanukkah?” And I’d say, “nothing.” Then the kid would give me a puzzled look and wonder if I was on food stamps until the teacher called for recess. I was born in the Soviet … Continued

Holiday Traditions with Neon Entertainment

❄️Scott Talarico         Neon Entertainment President  One of my favorite holiday memories growing up was baking cookies with my mom.  Since I was focusing on the final product I never learned the art of baking but it was an event I looked forward to every year.  Even though the final product couldn’t come fast enough the time spent helping my mom was always one of my most vivid memories of the holidays. … Continued

Holiday Traditions With Mikki Hommel

By Musician, Mikki Hommel My favorite Christmas album would have to be “Merry Christmas” by the X-Mas angel herself; Mariah Carey. I mean those songs are so great and her voice is just holier then thou. Also gotta love my boys, *NSYNC and “Merry Christmas Happy Holidays,” and of course The Lonely Island’s Christmas jingle “Dick in a Box”. My friend and fellow musician, Pete Ayres, always puts up a Christmas show in NYC.  This … Continued