Speed Friending with Color Totes: A Creative Ice Breaker

Speed Friending with Color Totes: A Creative Ice Breaker

Are you searching for an engaging program to help students connect and make new friends on campus? Neon Entertainment’s Speed Friending with Color Totes is the perfect solution! This innovative and interactive event is designed to spark connections among students while encouraging creativity. Here’s how you can bring this exciting experience to your campus. What is Speed Friending with Color Totes? Neon Entertainment’s DIY Color Totes program combines the fun of speed friending with the … Continued

DIY Creative Engagement Package: Building Interactive Events

Welcome to a new era of college orientations—one where creativity, connection, and well-being take center stage. Neon Entertainment understands the significance of making a memorable first impression on incoming students. That’s why we’ve developed our DIY Creative Engagement Package, a collection of resources and activities designed to make your orientation events unforgettable. Our package has everything from creative projects to mindfulness activities, making sure there’s something for everyone. It helps students connect, relax, and feel … Continued

10 Awesome Programs to Make Your Orientation Event Unforgettable

Orientation events are important for bringing people together and making them feel like they belong. Whether it’s for college, work, or a special occasion, the activities you choose can really make a big impact on how much fun everyone has. Here are ten programs from Neon Entertainment that will make your event stand out: 1. Game Shows: Neon Entertainment has a bunch of game shows, and they’ve got the most variety to make sure everyone … Continued