3 Reasons to Consider an Alcohol Awareness Program for Your High School Students

3 Reasons to Consider an Alcohol Awareness Program for Your High School Students

We’ve been in the business of entertaining and engaging crowds for over 3 decades. With experience working with colleges, schools, and companies, we’ve gained experience and an understanding of what types of events work best for different groups and sizes. Today on the blog we wanted to focus on high school students and an important cause, Alcohol Awareness. Alcohol awareness is something that can be extremely beneficial for students in high school, as the majority … Continued

2023 in Review at Neon Entertainment

As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome the new year with open arms, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had together. This past year has been filled with milestones, laughter, and the collective joy of bringing people together. Join us as we reminisce about the highlights of 2023 and express our gratitude for the memories we’ve created. 1. New Programs In 2023, we launched eight exciting new programs that engaged audiences … Continued

Alcohol Awareness Program | 5 Reasons to Book ‘Maximize Your Buzz’

  By Kelsey Pyse Drinking alcohol and college life are something that unfortunately seem to fall hand in hand. Neon Entertainment offers alcohol awareness programs for colleges and universities around the country to help educate incoming and current students on the dangers of alcohol. Here are 5 reasons to think about booking Maximize Your Buzz for your school. It happens. Alcohol awareness is something that every single person on campus should know about, not just the … Continued