A Day in the Life…| Neon Entertainment Comedian Troy Walker

Have you ever wondered what life is like on the road for our Neon Entertainers? Troy Walker weighs in on life on tour and talks about something we all love… fast food. By Comedian, Troy Walker There are a few things that distinguish a comedian from your average civilian:  a propensity to be inappropriate, a wardrobe befitting an unemployed Dennis the Menace, and  a terrible diet. The vast majority of comedians eat like a freshman … Continued

The Best December Holiday

By Comedian, Ben Rosenfeld Growing up, December was always my month of being a total misfit. When kids would ask, “what’d you get for Christmas?” I’d answer, “nothing.” They’d say, “Oh right sorry, I forgot. I meant, what’d you get for Hanukkah?” And I’d say, “nothing.” Then the kid would give me a puzzled look and wonder if I was on food stamps until the teacher called for recess. I was born in the Soviet … Continued