From College Programming Board to Masterful Entertainer

From College Programming Board to Masterful Entertainer

Step into the captivating journey of John Rotellini, the magician and mentalist whose evolution from an activity programmer to a trusted, successful, and engaging entertainer is genuinely inspiring. John’s story unfolds as a testament to his passion, perseverance, and commitment to building meaningful relationships. Combining his love for magic with a programming background, John crafted a career that transcends the ordinary. Through his dedication to serving others and fostering meaningful connections, John goes the extra … Continued

Need an Idea? Hire a Magician With Neon

So much goes into selecting entertainment for a college event. You might find yourself at a loss when thinking about what would be something that everyone can get into, that is affordable, that is something that no one has seen before. Sure you could find a musician or comedian, but what if you already have that lined up for a different event? Hiring a magician or hypnotist could be a great idea! Neon Entertainment has … Continued

Belief Wonder & Joy | Neon Spotlight #1 Brian Miller

For our first official Neon Spotlight podcast we sat down and had a great conversation with Brian Miller, world renowned Magician and public speaker. Brian’s been working with Neon Entertainment for almost 10 years, but his magic career goes way back. From watching World’s Greatest Magician as a boy every Thanksgiving, to traveling all over the world to entertain and inspire people of all ages, Brian is a true gem to see live. Here’s just … Continued