Virtual College Programs For An Evolving World

Virtual College Programs For An Evolving World

COVID-19 has pushed us to evolve toward a virtually centered world. More so than we ever have been. Whether it is virtual learning, virtual work, or just simple interactions with friends or family. Virtual programs have become in higher demand. Many students who would normally be in a brick and mortar classroom and taking part in large student centered events, now find themselves in a virtual classroom from the comfort of their homes. Even if campus is open for the fall, many institutions may limit the size of gatherings.   Musicians putting on virtual concerts for your students, or even virtual game shows are great ways to support your campus’s social distancing efforts. The world has changed, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop interacting.   

For Neon Entertainment, virtual programming isn’t a completely new concept, however we have worked to expand our menu of options. We offer a wide variety of online events to help keep your college students involved, both on and off campus. Whether it is for entertainment purposes, or learning purposes, our range of virtual programs are sure to engage your student body even when they can’t be face to face or can only gather in small groups. 

Virtual Murder Mystery & Escape Rooms

One of the most famous board games of all time is CLUE. Have you ever thought of a virtual version of this? Neon offers a Virtual Murder Mystery. Where you will interact with other participants and live suspects in order to solve a crime. Students can engage in small groups to solve the mystery together, or play from the safety of their own space.  How about an Escape Room? When you think of an escape room, you think of being locked in a room in which you will solve riddles and puzzles in order to find your way out. Neon offers the Virtual Escape Room. Supporting up to 1000 players, you can register as an individual or as a team. Experience Tigerland, an escape room designed from the ground up as a virtual game. Work on a CSI case involving mobsters and hitmen. Or put your brain power to the test with the Exit Files puzzle mastery Virtual Escape Room.

Virtual Games Shows

Have you ever thought of wanting to be on a game show like Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, or even Hollywood Squares? With numerous options available, Neon can provide this to you in a virtual or even part-virtual-part-live setting. Cellphone Smackdown (virtual college program edition), offers students the opportunity to win cash prizes via Venmo by answering Trivia questions. We can send out digital gift cards if your campus does not allow for cash prizes. NEON Entertainment’s most popular game show is now available in virtual form! The Free Money Game Show tests participant trivia knowledge from Netflix to Nickelodeon, or movie franchises to rock and hip hop. Or, try your pop-music knowledge with our Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition. Able to have small gatherings on campus?  Our game shows can be held in person and still provide a socially distanced option for those who prefer to play from their dorm. 

Virtual College Fest

Social distancing, group gathering maximums and virtual entertainment are the norm these days.  But, that shouldn’t stop you from planning your Fall Fests and Homecomings.   These are college life staples that students look forward to each year, and although they may have to look a little different shouldn’t mean they are cancelled altogether.  Consider a virtual, or socially distanced college fest. From make & takes, to caricature artists and DJs, Musical Performers to Escape Rooms and so much more, you can still make these season favorites memorable!  With a little help from your favorite Neon Entertainment agent you can blow them away with your awesome virtual event planning skills!

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Everything from interactions with friends, to school, to work is becoming virtually and digitally based. Unique online events for college students are sprouting up constantly. Neon Entertainment has offered virtual programs from the beginning. Whether it is for remote education, virtual entertainment, or virtual interactions. Neon Entertainment has always been at the forefront of providing as many digital programs to college students as possible! From orientation, to college festivals, military and corporate events, Neon’s got you covered!


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