Virtual College Fest

Virtual College Fest

Missing your Spring/Fall Fest or homecoming this year? Neon Entertainment combines several of the best features of a traditional College Fest in a virtual setting. Choose from Make & Takes, Caricature Artists, Escape Rooms, and more for a completely customizable virtual campus event. Plus, add a magician or one of our many musicians to host your College FestWe will create a virtual quad that your students can visit to enjoy the traditional Spring Fest activities. Below is a list of items that you can have as part of your Virtual Spring Fest. 

Musician or Magician Host 

Add a host to the event for a completely immersive College Fest program. You can choose to have either a Musicians or Magician host your College Fest. As participants enter the virtual quad, they can watch the full performance or step in and out while waiting to join another activity. 

Make & Takes 

Participants provide a photo, logo or saying, and we create a custom unique item just for them. Choose from one of our products for participants to personalize themselves, like Full Color Sign Shop, Pop Sockets, Phone Wallets, Linen Bags, License Plates, Alpha Art, or one of our many other items available. Each participant fills out a form with their shipping details and we ship them directly to each student. Here is a full list of our Make & Takes.

Digital Caricatures 

Our professional caricature artist will create your digital caricature LIVE! Once completed, you will receive an email with your Digital Caricature. Learn more about our Big Heads and Beats program.

Escape Rooms 

Participants join a video stream.  Once in the video stream, we place them into breakout rooms with their team members (if individuals register to play we will place them in teams) and send them the link to the escape room website.  During the game, they communicate with their team members via the video stream to discuss their game and they can request a moderator join their room at any time for help or hints. Learn more about Virtual Escape Rooms.

Playlist Bingo 

All of the same Bingo rules apply except with Playlist Bingo, instead of numbers being called out songs are played and participants have to know who sings those songs and if they do they mark off that artist on their playlist bingo card! All your participants need is their phone and a laptop or tablet and they are ready to play!  We provide them a customized Playlist Bingo card to have on their phone and then they watch our professional comedian host being live-streamed as he plays the songs for Playlist Bingo! Learn more about Virtual Playlist Bingo.

Cell Phone Smackdown 

Participants compete in a multiple-choice trivia competition for cash prizes (via Venmo) on their cellphones as our professional comedian host live streams from our studio right to their computers!  The participants watch the host and the show on their computer or tablet and then answer the questions on their phones!  Whoever scores the most points by the end of each round wins! Learn More about Virtual Cell Phone Smackdown.

Free Money Game Show 

It’s like a modern version of “Name that Tune” but with all of the best of pop culture!  Students listen in to the host who is live-streamed to their device and when they know the song, movie theme, TV theme or Movie Quote they answer on their phone!  Disney, Broadway, Rap, Rock, Netflix, Hip Hop, Nickelodeon and Movie Franchises are just some of the categories involved in the game!  At the end of the round whoever has the most points wins! Learn more about Virtual Free Money Game Show.

Virtual Programs

“We are in the middle of the Cell Phone Smackdown game and are LOVING it!!! Derrick is awesome… It seems like the students are having a great time interacting with him and we are all have a blast watching along.”

— Union College

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