Virtual Playlist Bingo

Playlist Bingo Virtual Edition is now available for your participants to experience a new twist to the classic game from anywhere they are!  All of the same Bingo rules apply except with Playlist Bingo, instead of numbers being called out songs are played and participants have to know who sings those songs and if they do they mark off that artist on their playlist bingo card!

All your participants need is their phone and a laptop or tablet and they are ready to play!  We provide them a customized Playlist Bingo card to have on their phone and then they watch our professional comedian host being live-streamed as he plays the songs for Playlist Bingo!  

Participants mark off their played artists and start rooting for what they need to hit for a winner!  When their winning combination appears, they yell “Playlist Bingo,” and wait for the host to check their card to declare them a winner.  Every Playlist Bingo event includes cash prizes of $200!  Guaranteed!  There are multiple Playlist Bingo games played in each game so it gives participants multiple chances to win the cash prizes!  As soon as the game concludes all of the winners have their prize money sent directly to their Venmo or PayPal accounts!

Every genre of Music is included in Playlist Bingo.  Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Modern, Classics, Slow Jams, Boy Bands, Divas…..there is something for everybody in Playlist Bingo!!

We will design a customized web page just for your school with all of the information needed about the game including the login information and you send out that 1 link to your community and everyone is good to go!

During the game, the participants have the ability to interact with each other as well as the host.  They are able to ask the host any questions they may have in real-time.  We are also available at any time before the show to answer any questions anyone may have.

The show normally lasts 60 – 70 minutes but can be longer if you would like.  Your organization will love Playlist Bingo!!!

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