Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Rooms

How it works

Individuals or teams register on our website and join a video stream that we host.  Once in the video stream, we place them into breakout rooms with their team members (if individuals register to play we will place them in teams) and send them the link to the escape room website.  During the game they communicate with their team members via the video stream to discuss their game and they can request a moderator join their room at any time for help or hints.

Teams vs Individuals

Players can register as a team or as an individual.  But every player should join the video stream meeting.

How many players

Up to 500 players can play during the event and we can accommodate Larger groups up to 1,000 players (additional fees apply).

During the event time, new games are started as players arrive so players can join anytime.

Send us a message to inquire about or to book Virtual Escape Rooms:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • To choose multiple Virtual Programs, hold control as you select your choices.

Promotional Material

Check to see what themes are available in your preferred formats: