Virtual Escape Rooms

How it works

Individuals or teams register on our website and join a video stream that we host.  Once in the video stream, we place them into breakout rooms with their team members (if individuals register to play we will place them in teams) and send them the link to the escape room website.  During the game they communicate with their team members via the video stream to discuss their game and they can request a moderator join their room at any time for help or hints.

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Teams vs Individuals

Players can register as a team or as an individual.  But every player should join the video stream meeting.

How many players

Up to 500 players can play during the event and we can accommodate Larger groups up to 1,000 players (additional fees apply).

During the event time, new games are started as players arrive so players can join anytime.

Virtual Programs

“I highly recommend bringing Virtual Cellphone Smackdown for your students! Adam was a high energy facilitator and the variety of trivia was great. Additionally, Adam does a good job of engaging participants to create a larger sense of community!”

— Michelle Czarnecki, Assistant Director, Cal State – Monterey Bay

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Tommy Bennetti, a local crime boss, has hired you to discover the identity of two shooters who committed a mob hit at his club last Tuesday. Tommy’s tech guy has hacked into the police database to give your group access to all the collected evidence.  Your group has to sort through all the evidence before the cops trace the connection back to Tommy. The evidence can be accessed online in groups or individually and teams will have access to group chats if team members are not in the same location.  All clues are delivered electronically and players can participate from anywhere with a laptop or tablet.  For the duration of the game, players will have access to select mob members via chat to answer any questions as they sift through the evidence.

The Exit Files

The Exit Files is a difficult game of puzzle mastery. Players will complete remotely or in person in teams of up to 10 players, with a maximum of 15 teams at once (150 players at time).  Remote players will be placed in a Zoom videoconferencing room so they can communicate with their teammates. Gamemasters will be available for hints and to check on players during the game. Some of the puzzles are easy, some are difficult. 

It was a strange day when you received an email from your eccentric uncle. Uncle John was a game designer who became very wealthy but kept to himself. Nobody in the family had seen him in years. Can your team solve the puzzles and win your Uncle’s fortune?


**Some Adult Language is used in this room**

Bobby Majestic is an unusual tiger-zoo-owner. We satirize the real world with a colorful cast of characters.

Mystery abounds at Bobby Majestic’s Amazing Tigerland. Money is missing, and everyone knows something about who took it. Can you find the culprit amongst this group of outcasts? Documentary film maker Steve Brinkman has film that shows who is the thief. But, he’s encrypted all of the video clips. Players work together to unlock all of the encrypted video to discover this offender.

Tigerland is an escape style game designed to be played with remote teams use videoconferencing technology. Players join together and communicate virtually to solve puzzles, listen to the video clips, and determine the thief. The game is scalable with up to 20 simultaneous teams of up to 10 players at one time. Live gamemasters check each room to provide assistance during the game. Tigerland is not a game hastily converted to online play by filming an existing escape room, it was designed from the ground up as a virtual game.