Virtual Cell Phone Smackdown

Virtual Cell Phone Smackdown

Virtual Cell Phone Smackdown is the game show that all of your participants can play from wherever they are simply by using their very own cell phone!

Participants compete in a multiple-choice trivia competition for cash prizes (via Venmo) on their cellphones as our professional comedian host live streams from our studio right to their computers!  The participants watch the host and the show on their computer or tablet and then answer the questions on their phones!  Whoever scores the most points by the end of each round wins!

We design a customized web page just for your organization with all of the information needed about the game including the login information and you send out that 1 link to your organization and everyone is good to go!

During the game, the participants have the ability to interact with each other as well as the host.  They are able to ask the host any questions they may have in real-time.  We are also available at any time before the show to answer any questions anyone may have.

The game includes trivia questions of all types ranging from topics such as sports, geography, music, movies, U.S. history, U.S. presidents, math and more.  All of the answers and points are totaled on the big screen and at the end of each round a winner is declared.

There will be multiple rounds that will provide the chance for multiple winners.

There is a guaranteed total of $200 in cash prizes awarded to the winners. As soon as the game is over the winners will receive the money directly into their Venmo account or PayPal account.  Anybody can play and anybody can win!  Cell Phone Smackdown is the perfect solution for your virtual programming needs.

How does this work?

Participants log on to a video feed using their computer or tablet to watch our professional comedian host the game show on their screen. The show lasts between 60-70 minutes and the only person the participants will see is the host.

As soon as the show is booked, we will send you the links to send out to your audience, and we will send the ‘cash prize’ payment directly after the show. If your school/organization is not allowed to give out cash prizes that’s no problem at all. We can do send digital gift cards instead of cash.

Cell Phone Smackdown Virtual Edition

“The gameshow went great, the people who played seemed to enjoy it.”

— Eastern Illinois University

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