Let’s Roll | Portable Roller Skating Rinks

Let’s Roll | Portable Roller Skating Rinks

The end of the semester is upon us!  Although students look forward to their winter break, they still have to trudge through final exams.  Those in charge of scheduling need to plan fun campus events to give students an avenue to ease the stress.  What better way to do that than with the excitement of a portable roller rink!

All our portable rink options come with sound system and skates included.  We’ll bring all the equipment right to your door and will help you get everything rolling.  Here’s a look at the 4 types of portable skating rinks that Neon entertainment can provide for your next campus event!


Iceless Ice Rink

Ice skating can be a lot of fun but who really wants to spend so much time in a refrigerated arena or outdoors braving the cold weather.  With Neon Entertainment’s iceless ice skating rink you get all the fun without the hassle. We’ll bring you our synthetic ice floor complete with skates and music so you can get the party started!


Retro Skating Rink

Roller rinks used to be all the rage back in the day.  Bring that disco feel back for a short time with a classic portable roller skating rink.  Of course the sound system is included so get ready to crank up the volume and blast out those retro tunes!


Glow Roller Rink

If retro skating isn’t for you, bring your event into to the 21st century with a glow roller rink.  After all, who doesn’t like to party under black lights? The glow roller rink package comes with glow lights and glow accessories so you’ll be all set to host your own black light dance party.


Roller Party

The standard size for all these portable rinks is 2400 square feet but if you have the space why not scale it up a bit.  We offer portable roller rinks up 7200 square feet so everybody can join in on the fun at the same time. 75 pairs of skates are included but you can always request extra if needed.


There’s a reason portable roller skating rinks are the most booked entertainment package we offer.  They’re easy to set up, customizable and always make for a good time. All you need to provide on your end is some flat ground and a nearby power hookup.  If you’re interested in booking one of our portable rink packages give us a call or hop on our site and fill out a contact form today!


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