Portable Roller Rink

Portable Roller Rink

4 photo collage of college students having fun roller skating at a portable roller rink event

Bring a Portable Roller Rink to Your Next Event!

Bring life to your event by getting your guests up and rolling with Neon’s Portable Roller Skating Rink. The first to provide a fully portable setup, Neon’s rink, is designed to be easily transported and set up in a variety of locations and features bright, neon colors and glowing lights that create a vibrant, energetic atmosphere. We also provide a one-of-its-kind glow floor.  Skaters can glide across the smooth surface of the rink to the beat of their favorite music, while the colorful lights add to the fun and festive ambiance.

How Big is the Roller Rink?

We provide a standard-size rink (40’x60′ or 2400 square feet).  Need a bigger rink?  We can provide up to 9600 square feet of rink flooring!  Rink events can booked for 2 hours or multiple days with the typical event lasting 4 hours.

What’s Included with the Roller Rink?

The events come complete with music, lights, skates, and an awesome event manager. Roll back into the disco lifestyle with this at your next event! If you’re looking to spice up your event, take a look at our Glow Roller Rink complete with a one-of-a-kind GLOWING FLOOR!

Whether it’s for a college event,  corporate event, or community festival, a portable glow roller rink is sure to provide hours of entertainment for everyone. Add some even more fun to your event by adding a live musician, photo booth or costume photo make and takes like our Phone Wallets, Photo Coffee Mugs ,and much more!

***Rink color and accessories (i.e. fencing, lights, & sound) may differ based on location & availability***

Portable Roller Rink Event Requirements:

  • Location: A large, completely flat surface is required for the rink to be placed on.  The rink can be built to fit up to a 40’x 60′ area (2400 square feet) and up to (7200 square feet)
  • Power: 2 20 Amp Circuits are needed (1 for the lights and 1 for sound)
  • Time: Set-up and tear-down takes 2-3 hours each.
  • Three – Five Tables.
  • Forty Chairs.

Roller Skating Rink

“This has become one of our most successful and easiest events to bring to campus! The Neon Entertainment staff is great to work with and super helpful from booking to event management. Our students love this event [Roller Rink] and its always a hit!”

— Western Oregon University


Booking Your Next Event Is as Easy as Filling Out the Form Below!

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Q: Can we do the roller rink event indoors and/or outdoors?

A: Yes, the rink can be used either indoors or outdoors, weather permitting and surface permitting (the rink must be on a hard, flat surface.  Grass is not acceptable).

Q: Will the portable roller rink leave marks or ruin the floor if it is indoors?

A: A plastic tarp will be laid under the Roller Rink panels to prevent scratching of the floor surface.  To ensure the best results, a completely smooth and flat surface is necessary.

Q: What about the skates for my portable roller rink event?

A: Approximately 75 pairs of skates will be provided per 2400 square feet of roller rink floor.  Larger Skating surfaces, additional skates, and children’s sizes are available upon request.

Q: What is expected of the volunteers for my roller rink event?

A: Volunteers are requested to help load in and out, and be our “skate security” to make sure all skates are returned.