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Roll into the night with Neon’s Portable Glow Roller Skating Rink.  This 60×40  roller rink comes equipped with music, skates and lights along with plenty of GLOW ACCESSORIES! If you’re looking for more of a traditional throwback, take a look at our Portable Roller Rink. Add a little more fun to the party with some make and takes like Stunner Shades,  Photo Dog TagsT-Shirts Factory, and much more!


  1. Location: A large, completely flat surface is required for the rink to be placed on.  The rink can be built to for a 40’x 60′ area (2400 sq feet) or (7200 sq feet) area
  2. Power: 2 20 Amp Circuits are needed (1 for the lights and 1 for sound)
  3. Time: Set-up and tear-down take up to 3 hours each.
  4. Three Tables.



Q: Can we do the event indoors/outdoors?

A: Yes, the rink can be used either indoors or outdoors, weather permitting and surface permitting (the rink must be on a hard, flat surface.  Grass is not acceptable).  However, for best results the Glow Roller Rink is best in the dark!

Q: Will the rink leave marks or ruin the floor if it is indoors?

A: A plastic tarp will be laid under the Roller Rink panels to prevent scratching of the floor surface.  To ensure best results, a completely smooth and flat surface is necessary.

Q: What about the skates?

A: Approximately 75 pairs of skates will be provided.  Additional skates and children’s sizes available upon request.

Q: What is expected of the volunteers?

A: Volunteers are requested to help load-in and out, and be our “skate security” to make sure all skates are returned.

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Roller Skating Rink

“Everything went super well! The event [Roller Rink] was great. Everybody (including myself and my staff had a great time). We will definitely get in contact with you again for next year!”

— Activities Coordinator, The College at Brockport