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Roll into the night with Neon’s Portable Glow Roller Skating Rink. A full size rink that is brought right to your event and can be up to a 4 hour event. This roller rink comes equip with music and skates. Light up your event with our Glow Roller Rink complete with plenty of GLOW ACCESSORIES! If you’re looking for more of a traditional throwback, take a look at our Portable Roller Rink. Add a little more fun to the party with some make and takes like Stunner Shades,  Photo Dog Tags, T-Shirts Factory, and much more!


  1. Location: A large, completely flat surface is required for the rink to be placed on.  The rink can be built to for a 40’x 60′ area (2400 sq feet) or (7200 sq feet) area
  2. Power: 2 20 Amp Circuits are needed (1 for the lights and 1 for sound)
  3. Time: Set-up and tear-down take up to 3 hours each.
  4. Three Tables.



Q: Can we do the event indoors/outdoors?

A: Yes, the rink can be used either indoors or outdoors, weather permitting and surface permitting (the rink must be on a hard, flat surface.  Grass is not acceptable).  However, for best results the Glow Roller Rink is best in the dark!

Q: Will the rink leave marks or ruin the floor if it is indoors?

A: A plastic tarp will be laid under the Roller Rink panels to prevent scratching of the floor surface.  To ensure best results, a completely smooth and flat surface is necessary.

Q: What about the skates?

A: Approximately 75 pairs of skates will be provided.  Additional skates and children’s sizes available upon request.

Q: What is expected of the volunteers?

A: Volunteers are requested to help load-in and out, and be our “skate security” to make sure all skates are returned.

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