Lecture Every Two Minutes

Every Two Minutes

Sexual Assault is an ever-increasing concern on college campuses – with a reported 1 in 5 women experiencing sexual assault sometime during their college career. With fragmented reporting procedures, a lack of education surrounding the recognition of non-consensual sexual interactions, and a tendency for people to perpetuate this form of violence, it can be hard to sift through all the grey.

This program is designed to address the often confusing and multi-faceted proponents of sexual violence on college campuses. Award-winning documentary filmmaker, human rights activist, sexual assault survivor and advocate, Laura E. Swanson, leads an open and honest discussion about the topic of sexual violence using a victim-centered approach via her feature length documentary film, Every Two Minutes. Viewers will be met with several accounts of sexual trauma – giving a face to the incredibly prevalent yet under-reported population of survivors within our society. Through an open-discussion preceding the film, students will be challenged to re-frame the way they view, educate, and treat those affected by sexual assault.

Students Will Learn:

  • What Title IX is and why Colleges are involved
  • What to do if you or someone you know is assaulted
  • Sexual Violence extends beyond every age, gender, minority and socioeconomic class
  • You have the power through Bystander Intervention to prevent sexual violence
  • Victim-blaming, and why all of us do it
  • To debunk the myths and misconceptions often surrounding this issue
  • How to shift your thinking to hold the perpetrators accountable
  • What sexual assault resources are available on your specific campus and how students can access them
  • The power of belief in a survivor’s trauma story


Students will leave this event better prepared to prevent and constructively handle an incidence of sexual assault on their campus.

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