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Maximize Your Buzz

“Alcohol Is Not About Drinking; It’s About Who You Are!”

Since 1993, Harvard School Of Public Health has consistently found that 44% of college students are binge drinkers. Why is it that college students think going on a beer run is exercise? Why is their BAC (blood alcohol content) higher than their GPA? Why do they encourage others who have just thrown up to continue drinking?

Let’s face it: traditional alcohol education doesn’t work. That’s why this seminar is not performed by recovering alcoholics – because you don’t visit a sick person to get health advice. This seminar is the first step to changing behaviors by shifting perceptions: “Alcohol Is Not About Drinking; It’s About Who You Are.” If you HATE lectures, you’ll LOVE this!

  • Don’t be stupid…it’s about knowing who you are to make better choices
  • Eliminate hangovers…learn how a six pack of beer is equivalent to six pounds of bleu cheese
  • Reduce your bar bill…discover the best places to drink & why you’re going there
  • Avoid the freshman 15…figure out when a lot becomes too much
  • Get a better buzz…know why you are drinking so you’re not forced into it
  • Design a drinking plan…your five-step plan for maximizing your buzz


This is a seminar about personal values. “Don’t Drink” is not a part of our strategy. Rather, we encourage the students to understand who they are and what’s most important to them. Reduce the negative impact of binge drinking on your campus with this positive approach to find your deeper burning yes and Maximize Your Buzz!

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Maximize Your Buzz

“You [Max Buzz] made an impact on my decisions. That night I planned to go to a birthday party, and I was excited to drink with all my friends. However, after going to the program, I didn’t want to drink anymore. I just wanted to hang out with my friends, and remember the night rather than waking up the next morning wondering how I got home. So I know you don’t know me personally, but I thought you should know that you made a difference.”

— Brittney Gilman, University of New Hampshire, Student