Lecture Zero Shades of Gray

Zero Shades of Gray

zero shades of gray sexual assault awareness orientation program

The “perfect blend” of education and entertainment for Title IX Compliance.

Imagine a sexual assault conversation that isn’t a scare tactic or boring podium lecture packed full of statistics. Imagine an experience that isn’t focused on the victim, but rather preventing assault in the first place. Imagine a session where counselors don’t need to be standing outside the door because participants don’t feel uncomfortable with the topic.

Now imagine no more. Zero Shades of Gray applies the Collegiate Empowerment best practices of delivering a high-energy, interactive, engaging, and fun experience that is totally relevant and hits the biggest points of how to approach sexual assault on campus. Yes, students will appreciate—and even enjoy—a sexual assault seminar. Imagine that.

The Campus SAVE Act of 2013 mandates that higher education institutions must educate students on the prevention of rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This kind of programming especially needs to be empowering and enjoyable or the information won’t stick…and that’s what we’ve got for you!

Zero Shades Of Gray sets the tone that sexual assault is black and white. There are no disclaimers, no clauses, and no fine print when it comes to how people feel about being sexually assaulted or raped. It’s serious to the victim, and this seminar helps students understand that this isn’t a victim problem, it’s a problem on all levels.

Widely considered as the “perfect blend” of education and empowerment for Title IX compliance and sexual assault prevention, your students will leave having had a great time, as well as equipped with safe practices for better decision-making. Let’s change behaviors by shifting perceptions: Assault is not a women’s issue, or a men’s issue, it’s a human issue.

Zero Shades of Gray is now part of a 3 part Trilogy. Learn more about its follow-up lectures, Zero Shades Darker and Zero Shades Freed:

Zero Shades Darker     Zero Shades Freed

Zero Shades

“Everyone here was really happy with the program. If we are going to be looking at these programs again we will definitely keep them in mind.”

— Marc, SUNY Morrisville

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