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Inspirational Comedian Wendi Fox was a natural with the party lifestyle and admits that until her early twenties her excessive and reckless behavior created an assembly line of alcohol related problems. Based on her personal experiences, Trashed takes a mind bending but funny look at all of the bad plays in a youthful game of reckless roulette and how her dysfunctional childhood, youthful optimism and drunk logic lead her to tragic people and frightening places. It is also the inside story and testimony of three generations of people on both sides of the family tree, who have struggled with alcohol abuse and high-risk drinking, as well as what they’ve learned and what they’ve lost.

Trashed is Wendi’s story but Celebrate Safe is her message. It is a funny and wickedly truthful look at the drunk and dangerous journey of a young high-risk drinker, who compromised her safety and the safety of her friends in the pursuit of a good time. It is a roller coaster ride of comedy and catastrophe all slammed together, a compilation of hysterically funny, hindsight-full observations of unhealthy choices, dangerous circumstances, lessons learned and a journey through personal reinvention.

Wendi is the most requested alcohol aware speaker in the country today. She is best known for being the anti-lecture artist. Why? Because, she prescribes to what some call a radial but simple approach to alcohol awareness. “Stop telling them not to drink and start inspiring them to find something in life they love more than getting drunk,” says Wendi.

Wendi Fox

“I have to say that Wendi [Fox] was beyond amazing! She was incredibly well-received and really wow’d us. The students laughed and laughed and more importantly really seemed to get the underlying message, which she delivers in such a receivable way. She even connected personally with a few students afterward – just awesome! I think we would like to plan on having her back next year.”

— Fairmont State University

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