Hypnotic Intoxication
Alcohol Awareness & Health & Wellness Program

The Reason You’re Here
Orientation, Like Skills & Leadership/Team Building Program

Zero Shades of Gray
Orientation, Health & Wellness, Sexual Assault, & Gender & Social Change Program

I’m Engaged presented by Mike Fritz
Orientation, Leadership/Team Building, & Life Skills

The 3D College Experience
Orientation, Life Skills, Health & Wellness, Alcohol Awareness &

Just One Drink
Alcohol Awareness & Health & Wellness Program

How to Magically Connect with Anyone
Life Skills, Orientation, Leadership/Team Building, Relationships Program

Maximize Your Buzz
Alcohol Awareness & Health & Wellness Program

College Survival Secrets
Orientation & Life Skills Program

Cooking with Egg
Life Skills & Health & Wellness Program

Alcohol Awareness & Health & Wellness Program

Orientation & Life Skills

Break The Chain
Human Trafficking Awareness

Loosen the Bible Belt
Diversity & Inclusion Program

Serious Leadership
Leadership/Team Building Program

Orientation Program

Get A Life…Outside the Classroom
Orientation, Life Skills & Leadership/Team Building Program

Happy Hour
Alcohol Awareness Program

First Lead Yourself
Orientation, Life Skills & Leadership/Team Building Program

The Unauthorized Biography Series
Life Skills & Diversity Program

The Ultimate Podcasting Guide
Life Skills Program

Health & Wellness & Women’s Issues Program

The Power of One
Health & Wellness & Women’s Issues Program

How To Make Life Suck Less:
Overcoming Your Life’s Challenges Using Russian Optimism

Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt
Orientation Program

The Student Leadership Challenge Experience
Leadership Program

Book The Job:
How To Become a Sucessful Actor & Model

Essential Oils Workshop
Health & Wellness

Life Skills & Relationship Program

Tish Ciravolo
Life Skills Program

What is edutainment? Edutainment is an educational, informative and entertaining experience. Part lecture/seminar and part entertainment, our college edutainment speakers cover a variety of topics including sex education, alcohol awareness, communication skills, team building, career development and making the most out of your college experience. Educate your student body in fun, innovative and interactive ways! In addition to our college edutainment roster, we also book nationally known speakers. Reality stars such as Ruthie from The Real World, sports figures, motivational speakers and more are always a great addition to your college-booking schedule.

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