Lecture Sextegrity


Have you ever noticed that our society sends mixed messages about sex? Do you think a shame based approach to sex creates more problems than it solves? Are you ready to hear an ordained minister approve of sex outside of marriage? Then Barbara Lee, the Sex Minister, is ready to come to your campus.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, Barbara knows firsthand the pitfalls of a marriage ethic that teaches that sex within marriage is always okay and sex outside of marriage is always wrong. Today she is an Ordained Interfaith Minister who seeks to have realistic conversations about what it means to be both sexual and spiritual beings in our world today. With humor and compassion, the Sex Minister, helps her audience to create and embrace a Sexual Ethic that celebrates sexuality and treats it with moral integrity – Sextegrity. More at www.thesexminister.com.

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Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

  • Author, Tension in the Tank: Embracing Interfaith Mysticism Without Leaving the Church, Sacred Sex: Replacing the Marriage Ethic with a Sexual Ethic, Catapult Magazine, and JAMRA
  • Speaker, TEDxMuskegon 2013
  • Pastoral Care Award, Western Theological Seminary
  • Clarence Jordan Award for Creativity and Innovation, Habitat for -Humanity International
  • Outstanding Student in Public Administration, Grand Valley State University
  • Outstanding Student, Accredited Record Technician, Michigan Medical Record Association
  • Wall Street Journal Award, Baker College
  • First Place Winner, Various Regional and District Toastmaster Speaker Contests