Alcohol Awareness Hypnotic Intoxication

Hypnotic Intoxication

Q:  Where can you get drunk on campus with your friends, have access to free, unlimited alcohol, wake up without a hangover and have a clear bar tab at the end of the night?

A:  At Keith Karkut’s Hypnotic Intoxication!

Karkut’s presentation, which has been showcased at three NACA conferences, features the hypnosis of students while exploring the consequences of alcohol.

Part 1: The alcohol awareness program involves having an open discussion with students about responsible drinking.

Part 2: Make viewers aware of the effects alcohol and other addictive drugs have on peoples’ lives.

Karkut shares true stories of how alcohol has affected the lives of college students. He invites participants from the crowd to join him on a “journey into the mind.” Through hypnosis, Karkut makes volunteers believe they have unlimited access to the most potent alcohol, but the participants will only be drinking bottled water. The volunteers will be passing out, stumbling around and slurring speech. – That’s right! People will be getting drunk off of bottles of water!

This part of the presentation will allow viewers to see how bad a situation can potentially be. After the volunteers are taken out of hypnosis, Karkut ties everything together with a powerful message that will encourage the students to rethink some of their decisions and realize what their future holds for them.

Karkut feels it is important to teach students that alcohol can be dangerous.  He will share his personal experience with alcohol and the way it has affected his life during the presentation. The program is successful because it provides a way to learn about an important issue in an entertaining way. Students will enjoy the presentation and not realize that what they’re learning will affect their lives and everyone around them.

Or take a different type of journey into the mind with Keith’s hypnosis show.

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Hypnotic Intoxication

“Hypnotic Intoxication went well. We had 16 students attend this event which we thought was pretty good. Keith was great to work with as well and I think everyone had a good time. Thank you again for help getting this all set up and scheduled. As always, we will consider partnering with NEON Entertainment in the future.”

— Sophia, Pennsylvania College of Technology