4 Great National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week Programs

4 Great National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week Programs

College life is a time for trying new things and socializing, but it can also lead to excessive alcohol consumption. Neon Entertainment offers programs that are changing the way students view alcohol and its effects on their lives. They provide a fresh perspective on alcohol education and empower students to make informed choices during their college years.

1. Hypnotic Intoxication

At Keith Karkut’s Hypnotic Intoxication, students engage in a unique alcohol awareness program. Split into two parts, the presentation features open discussions on responsible drinking and a mesmerizing hypnosis session. During the session, volunteers believe they have unlimited access to potent alcohol but are actually consuming water. Their stumbling and slurred speech, minus the real alcohol effects, provide a vivid lesson on the dangers of excessive drinking. Karkut’s personal experiences emphasize the importance of alcohol education, making the program engaging and insightful, equipping students with a better understanding of responsible choices and the consequences of overindulgence.

2. Maximize Your Buzz

“Maximize Your Buzz” is a seminar that redefines alcohol education for college students. Focusing on personal values and behavior shifts, this program aims to reduce the negative impact of binge drinking, affecting 44% of college students based on Harvard School of Public Health research since 1993. It covers self-awareness, hangover prevention, cost-effective drinking, weight management, understanding motivations, and responsible drinking plans, fostering empowerment rather than a simple “don’t drink” message.

3. Just One Drink

Adam Ace’s “Just One Drink” presentation in college classrooms employs humor as a powerful tool for alcohol awareness. This interactive program blends laughter with practical guidance, avoiding the ineffective “just don’t drink” approach. It equips students with strategies for responsible drinking, peer pressure management, and safety, addressing the high prevalence of alcohol-related issues among college students, from binge drinking to academic setbacks and assaults. Through humor and active engagement, “Just One Drink” educates students about the potential consequences of alcohol misuse while highlighting the role of community support in prevention.

4. The 3D College Experience

Adam Ace’s program, “The 3D College Experience: An Entertaining Look at How to Avoid Ending Up Dumb, Drunk & in Debt,” offers college students valuable insights and practical advice to navigate college life more successfully. As a comedic entertainer and former Student Activities Board President, Ace employs humor to address significant life topics, including avoiding unplanned pregnancies, making wise choices about tattoos, and reducing common college worries. His engaging approach makes learning enjoyable and impactful, providing students with the tools to make better decisions while having fun.

In conclusion, these innovative programs are transforming college students’ perspectives on alcohol education. By combining engaging presentations, humor, and practical advice, they aim to promote responsible drinking, mitigate alcohol-related risks, and empower students to make informed choices during their college years. Contact your Neon Entertainment agent for booking and availability.


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