College Health and Wellness Speaker Programs

College Health and Wellness Speaker Programs

College life can be stressful for a lot of college students.  Balancing classes, the social scene, and personal well being can really take a toll.  To combat the stress of the upcoming semester, Neon Entertainment is ready to provide a variety of Health and Wellness programs.  These events are designed to educate students on the most important topics of campus life.

Whether you want a program dealing with topics of student physical health, mental well being, or social relationships, Neon will have the perfect college speaker program for you.  Here’s a few examples of some of our most popular college health and wellness speaker programs.

Cooking and Life Skills Program

For many students, college is their first taste of life on their own.  Unfortunately, many don’t know the first thing about cooking or preparing their own meals.  To fix this problem, consider booking Chef Egg’s live college cooking tour.  Chef Egg will teach students about proper nutrition, kitchen safety, specialty diets and will even provide some quick and easy recipes that even the worst cook can handle.  The goal here is to help students break free from the world of fast and frozen food.

Alcohol Awareness Programs

For many students alcohol can be a big part of their college routine.  It’s important for students at universities to understand the dangers of binge drinking and learn how to drink responsibly.  Thankfully, Neon provides an assortment of alcohol awareness programs for college students. Whether you’re looking for a motivational or lecture or something both funny and educational we’ve got the programs for you.

Hypnotic Intoxication is a campus event where students can see first hand the dangers of alcohol without actually getting drunk.  Speaker Keith Karkut uses hypnosis to trick volunteer college students into getting drunk on water. This makes for a hilarious event that also teaches about the dangers of alcohol abuse first hand in a safe atmosphere.

Just One Drink is a program designed to help students make better decisions with alcohol.  Presented by comedian Adam Ace, this event is meant to be entertaining and funny to keep students engaged as they learn.  During the presentation, Adam touches on critical areas like drunk driving prevention, avoiding peer pressure, and impactful statistics about how alcohol abuse can be devastating on college campuses.

Trashed is an alcohol awareness program where the speaker, Wendi Fox, uses vivid examples from here life to demonstrate the dangers of alcohol abuse.  Unlike some alcohol safety programs, Wendi doesn’t discourage alcohol altogether but encourages students to Celebrate Safe. Wendi’s presentation is so effective that it has made her the most requested alcohol awareness speaker in the country!

Relationship Advice

The social scene is the primary focus for many college students around the nation.  Unfortunately, many young students don’t know how to be in a healthy relationship. Here’s a couple of campus event lecture programs that will educate students on the nature of relationships in an entertaining way.

LovEd is an organization founded by Dr. Isabell Springer who is a marriage and family therapist.  The idea is to give young students and education on being in a relationship so that they will make smarter choices.  Dr. Isabell founded this organization because she was motivated by her own personal experiences and wanted to pass her knowledge on.  She believes early education is the key to breaking the chain that leads to dysfunctional relationships and potential domestic violence cases.

Sextegrity is all about people celebrating their sexuality in a safe and respectful way.  Barbara Lee, an ordained interfaith minister, talks about her life as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence.  Barbara’s talk hits home and encourages students to truly consider the topics of sex and spirituality.

Sexual Assault Awareness Speakers

Sexual assault is obviously a serious issue in today’s society.  That’s why it’s important for colleges to educate the younger generation with sexual assault awareness speakers.  In fact raising education and awareness among young people is the most effective way of stopping sexual assault cases before they is happen.

Zero Shades of Gray is a sexual assault awareness program that you can book through Neon Entertainment.  This program differs from many others because it isn’t a scare tactic. Instead the goal is to provide education and empowerment to individuals to prevent assaults from happening in the first place.  Zero Shades of Gray is a Title IX compliance program that discusses these important social issues in a fun and entertaining way.

It’s important to have educational speakers brought to your campus that broach the most important issues of campus life.  Any of the talented speakers and programs on our roster is bookable for campus events through Neon Entertainment. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today if you’re looking for college health and wellness programs for your next campus event!



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