Chef Egg Live: College Cooking Tour

With late nights, little funds, time and energy, college students get a bad rap about how they eat. Chef Egg wants to change the way students think about the cooking process during the school year and give them the skills, outlook and motivation they need to succeed in the kitchen.

Chef Egg Teaches:

-Nutrition for the productive student on the go.

-Easy to prepare recipes and quick culinary techniques.

-Green lifestyle, sanitation and kitchen safety

-International cuisine and specialty diets.

-Increase healthy social interaction and learn about new cultures and flavors.

Presentations, lectures and hands-on pop up events are available. Chef Egg Live events are perfect for orientations and international fairs. And, his hands-on events include food, equipment, aprons and chef hats.

Chef Egg is a professionally trained chef, culinary instructor and host of “Chef Egg’s Cooking Eggsperience”. With a rare blend of formal culinary training, real-world experience, and a street-wise sense of attitude, entertainment value and humor, Egg has found a niche that allows him to stand out in a sea of cooking shows, viral videos, and amateur foodie blogs.

His mission is to free everyone from a boxed, frozen and fast food prison by teaching you how to really get cooking! Not just show you a recipe, but also give you the details you need to claim your culinary independence.

Chef Egg has worked to spearhead culinary community outreach at Whole Foods Market. He has also worked with Chef Emeril Lagasse on his program “Emeril Green”. Recently, Chef Egg has been working with the US military and the Wounded Warrior Project, teaching classes to wounded veterans and caregivers at Walter Reed Hospital, with military resilience programs and overseas with Armed Forces Entertainment.

Option # 1– College Cooking Presentations

Chef Egg will present your group with healthy recipes that will teach simple and effective cooking skills and techniques for preparing vegetables, grains and healthy proteins that can be translated into endless fresh and healthy meals for everyone.

Option # 2 – Pop Up Cooking Events

Chef Egg will walk guests step by step through the preparation of a nutritious, multi-course menu. Guests will work at individual cooking stations to create recipes that will teach new culinary skills and be packed with fresh flavors and techniques.


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