6 Fun Halloween Event Ideas – Scary Good Events for Your College This Halloween

6 Fun Halloween Event Ideas – Scary Good Events for Your College This Halloween

It’s been quite the last few years in the college world, and as you’re digging into your semester you’re probably catching up on a whole lot of new information and logistical challenges with planning your college events. With over 25 years working with colleges all over the country, we’ve continued to provide engaging entertainment for student event planners despite setbacks due to the pandemic. We are proud of our ability to navigate through treacherous times, but understand that we still need to be smart and organized when it comes to planning events in this era. We can help you put on a really great, SAFE, in-person OR virtual event this Halloween! Don’t wait til the last minute as many of our virtual and in-person events are sure to book up fast for Halloween!

Here are a few ideas for your Halloween College Event!

Halloween Game Show

Are you familiar with our Game Show Events? We offer both Virtual and In-Person options depending on your needs, and no show is the same! With over 30 different choices and the ability to customize, your game show event will include a professional comedian host and cash prizes! We saw how engagement on and off campus increased with the ability to play from anywhere, so we have created options for you based on need. You can have the host come in and be on campus, or host remotely, but anyone can log on and play!

The Tick-or-Trivia Game Show is a perfect way to engage your student body and have an awesome time during All Hallow’s Eve!


Can You Escape?

Since the movie SAW came out, the escape room has been a really cool way of getting a group of people together to take some time and have fun with a scenario that no one REALLY wants to be in! We have a wide assortment of creative Escape Room games that enable multiple people to play at once on campus, or virtually! You may be wondering how does a virtual escape room work? When we first saw it we didn’t know either! But thousands of students across the country have participated in the last year and half and we see how engaging they can be whether you have a physical or virtual location.

Murder Mystery is a HUGE hit around Halloween time… don’t wait to book!

Ask About Our Shippable Escape Room Kits where you can create the game on location yourself and be able to use again!

On Campus Scavenger Hunt

What better way to get in the fall spirit than to send students down the wild goose chase that is the famed SCAVENGER HUNT. These fun little contests have always been a great way to break the ice and get students working together, but scavenger hunts have come a long way! Choose from a variety of options for on campus or virtual scavenger hunt ideas!

The PumKing of Pumpkin Carving

Jack-o-lanterns are one thing, but if you want to see a real work of Halloween-art, book the PumpKING Eric Jones. Featured on Food Network’s Halloween Wars last Fall, you can bring the artist right to your campus! He will perform his incredible art form for a 4 hour block and carve approximately 5-7 pumpkins. Want to include others in the mix? Maybe a paint night could be a nice time?

Fall Harvest Paint Night

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to be a part of a group paint night, this Fall is the perfect time! We offer both In-Person and Virtual Paint Night events, where each student will have the tools to create their own masterpiece. Your event will be led by our professional host who will instruct everyone each step of the way to create a custom little make & take. No one needs to be a painter to participate! We keep it simple so everyone can enjoy themselves and create! What a better way to get everyone together and enjoy some fall refreshments and paint a picture of a beautiful fall setting?


Horror Movie Classic Drive In Night

Who doesn’t love a good horror flick? With our inflatable drive-in movie screen, you can have an on-campus movie night and show any of the old classics! Perfect for large groups, the movie screen never disappoints, especially when you have a great movie on. We can accommodate indoor or outdoor arrangements, with sound system availability if you want to use the football field or lawn. For the true drive in experience, you can use the FM radio transmitter so your viewers can view in the car like a real drive in!

These 6 events are sure to help your Halloween Event be scary good, but it’s not all we have! Please do look around the site for other ideas and remember you can find all our virtual-specific events at virtual.neon-entertainment.com! Remember, Halloween is a busy time to book so don’t wait! Get your name down as soon as you can to ensure you can get everything you can! Until we meet again… Stay tuned for more great ideas and student stories on Facebook and Instagram!


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