5 Reasons to Book a Scavenger Hunt Event with NEON

5 Reasons to Book a Scavenger Hunt Event with NEON

There are a lot of competitors out there that try to provide customized scavenger hunt activities for on,  or around campus, but we wanted to take some time today to let you know why NEON is the perfect fit to create your college campus scavenger hunt event.

Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Neon for Your Next Scavenger Hunt Event

Dedicated Facilitators

When you create your custom scavenger hunt with us, you will have a live facilitator available through the entire event. These dedicated facilitators will run your game, judge photo submissions and provide live technical support if participants have any questions, or need help. Many attractions and competitors cannot provide the same live customer service and tech support, and rely heavily on their apps and pre-packaged programming.

Up To 50 Teams/500 Players.

Have you heard of other competitors that promise custom scavenger hunts? We review all competition to ensure our events are unmatched. Many of the other games you’ll find are designed for small groups and are open to the public, allowing random people to join in. Other providers offer little scavenger hunt pop-up events during certain times of the year. Ultimately the concept is neat and all, but won’t work for college events that you use precious programming dollars to book. They are meant for the public, not college events.

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When you partner with Neon Entertainment you’ll be provided with engaging events meant specifically for college campuses, and college events. You can engage up to 500 players in one scavenger hunt, and everyone can play remotely!

Diverse Game Play 

Our scavenger hunts can be organized to your liking.  Whether you want everyone to start at once and the fastest team to complete the challenge earns bonus points, or teams can start at any point within a window of 1-3 hours with just one hour from their start time to complete as many challenges as possible, or choose a Treasure Hunt style where challenges must be completed in a specific order.

We Build, You Build, We All Build

We have challenge ideas we can provide, but we are more than willing to hear your ideas! When it comes to scavenger hunts, we have seen it all. From Halloween Scavenger hunts, to sports, music, movies, 80s, 90s, whatever you can think of! Remember to ask about custom scavenger hunt games if you have an idea particular to your school, club or theme.

Virtual or In Person – We’ll Meet U in the Middle

Another amazing thing about scavenger hunts is that you can do them indoors or outdoors, or both! You can focus on a single building or area on campus, or all spread your clues throughout campus! As we know, remote / virtual events have become more and more commonplace as we remain diligent in remaining safe during trying times, and scavenger hunts can be a great way to get a lot of students engaged and participating! Teams enter the game through our custom software that allows them to connect with their teammates whether or not they’re together.  If you were thinking about having a scavenger hunt on your campus, but are afraid it may not fall in line with your school’s or state’s COVID regulation please give us a call or reach out. We can answer any questions you may have, as we work with student event organizers all over the US. We can help! Remember to “Like” us on Facebook and Follow our Instagram for all the latest info on scavenger hunts and student events!


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