5 Campus Novelty Events To Book For Your Springfest Schedule

5 Campus Novelty Events To Book For Your Springfest Schedule

If you’ve kept up with our blog recently you might recall our recommendations for your annual Spring music festival.  If you’ve already booked your performers but still need more fun campus events to round out your schedule, you’re in luck.  Neon Entertainment offers a variety of awesome novelty events designed specifically for college campuses. If you want a tried and true entertainment package, check out these 5 types of novelty events that your students will love.

College Laser Tag

The majority of college students are still kids at heart, and what kid doesn’t go nuts for laser tag?  The thrill of competing with and against friends and classmates is what makes this event so popular year round.  We offer a number of different styles of tag games including standard laser tag, bow and arrow tag, bazooka ball and everybody’s favorite Zombie laser tag.  We’ll supply all the necessary equipment so all you need is some open space for you and your fellow students to go wild.

Portable Roller Rinks

In the mood for a little retro fun?  A portable roller rink rental might be just what the doctor ordered.  We have three different rink types available for booking. There’s our traditional roller rink, the ever popular Glow rink, and if you’re missing winter already, there’s the iceless ice skating rink.  Whatever option you choose, students will be able to relax, socialize and get in a little extra exercise at the same time.

Photo Fun

We’re living in the age of selfies and social media and college students are certainly at the forefront of this movement.  It’s clear that students love taking photos of themselves to share with all their friends. Thanks to Neon you can feed their desire with one of our fun group photo events.  Want the typical photo booth experience with a slight twist?  Check out our Glow Photo Booth.  Or if you’re interested in something more unique we can set you up for Old Time Photos, Awkward Family Photos, or even our one-of-a-kind Big Chair Photo Station.


Inflatables are often a staple to many Spring Fest programs. We offer every inflatable you need for your biggest Spring Fest yet, including obstacle courses, Mobile Zip Line, Stunt Jump, Bubble Soccer, and more. Our interactive inflatables are made for all ages and get your participants adrenaline running as they compete against each other in these fun, challenging games.

Special Events

As a premiere provider of campus novelty events, we strive to offer programs that will suit any type of student.  We’ve grouped some of our most unique packages into a broad category listed as “special events.”  Among other things you can book bumper cars, escape rooms, blacklight bowling, college dance parties, and even virtual reality simulators.  Needless to say, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the ideal event for your spring semester festivities.

Make sure you make your Springfest standout with the best novelty events from Neon Entertainment.  Fill out a form today for the event you’d like to book or call one of our talented booking agents for more information.  We look forward to helping make your Springfest a blast!


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