Bumper Cars

The operation of bumper cars is easy: participants learn how to handle futuristic joysticks with no effort at all. Bumper cars have proven themselves time and time again to be an exciting and interactive event, and you have to admit….wasn’t this one of the first things you couldn’t wait to do in the midway of a fair or carnival? They spin 360 degrees and do not require an expensive electric floor.  Our cars are battery operated, which make them safe and easy to operate. Bumper cars work best on a smooth surface (gym floor, asphalt etc – not grass).

**Exact items subject to change based on location and availability.



1 20amp circuit

(Inflatable barrier provided. Surface must be smooth & flat. No Grass!)

Bumper Cars

“Bumper cars on Thursday was a huge success! A lot of people were very excited about the event! I also really appreciated the enthusiasm and the great help from the employee as well! He was awesome.”

— Brenna Del Llano, Saint Anselm College

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