Homecoming is Almost Here | Book Some Fun Campus Events

Homecoming is Almost Here | Book Some Fun Campus Events

Homecoming campus events are becoming all the rage.  Homecoming is no longer just about the yearly football game pitted against your bitter rival.  Universities all over the nation have turned homecoming into a weekend long exhibition of fun campus events centered around their main event football game.  Offering a wide variety of campus events is a great way to get your brand out there to people who aren’t as interested in football.

Most universities stage events like parades, bonfires and banquets. Why not take it a step further and add some other forms of entertainment as well?  Neon Entertainment has a huge selection of entertainment event ideas that will help make your homecoming something to remember. Here’s a look at a few live and interactive campus event ideas that will be sure to draw a crowd to your homecoming festivities.

Live Entertainment Ideas

What better way to engage and entertain a crowd than with a professional?  Live entertainment is great because the performers are experienced and have honed their craft so you know you’re going to be in for a fun time.

If you’re looking at booking a comedian, Neon Entertainment has a talented roster of comedians who have performed all over the nation.  If a live music act is more what you had in mind, consider our catalog of up and coming artists covering every genre from rock to pop to a capella.  Or if you’d like to dazzle everyone, consider booking a performance by one of our hypnotists or magicians that are sure to bring the “wow factor” to your homecoming weekend.

Interactive Entertainment Ideas

Live entertainment is great but it doesn’t always capture the spontaneity of interactive events.  Interactive entertainment, as the name suggests, is all about getting everyone to participate. Whether you’re staging a competition or hosting a hands on creative exhibit, people will flock to your interactive fun campus events just for the experience.

Set up a blow up obstacle course of extreme entertainment inflatables and have people compete to earn prizes.  Rent our ice less mobile ice skating rink so people can enjoy all the fun of skating without the chill.  Bring the excitement of amusement park bumper cars right to campus with our inflatable battery powered bumper car equipment.  Or set up a T-shirt program or caricature artist so that visitors can walk away from your university with some cool merchandise.

Homecoming is the perfect time for you to reinforce your brand as a university.  Providing fun campus events will engage the public and show them that your university can offer them a unique and exciting experience.  If you need ideas for campus events to fill out your homecoming weekend festivities, Neon Entertainment has you covered. Give us a call or check out our website to see what kind of events you can book that will make your homecoming standout!


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